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Apartment Video Intercom for Modern Visitor and Resident Access

Upgrade your building callbox to Swiftlane intercom. Visitors can reach residents on a video call. A resident can now open doors with face unlock, a mobile app and voice commands.

  • Multi-Tenant Video Intercom
  • High vandal resistance for urban environments
  • 40% cheaper than other video intercoms
  • Touchless Face Recognition Access
  • Mobile App Door Unlock

Serving Thousands of Apartments and Condos

Swiftlane Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

Give access to visitors and package deliveries securely and conveniently.

  • Visitors can browse and call a tenant through the touch screen directory
  • The resident receive a wireless video or a telephone call
  • They can remotely unlock doors for visitors, even when not at home
  • A resident can see who is at the door, before letting them in
  • We store photo audit log of visitors, to deter theft and increase security

Mobile App Access for Residents

Offer mobile app based access as an amenity to residents.

  • Keep forgetting your keys? Just use the Swiftlane app to unlock building doors
  • Remotely let visitors and deliveries into the building
  • Works alongside your key fobs and keys
  • Use Siri voice commands to unlock doors instantly

Touchless Face Recognition Door Access

Worried about losing or forgetting your keys? Just use your face to get into the building.

  • Residents can enroll their face through the Swiftlane mobile app quickly
  • Simply present your face to the reader and unlock the building doors
  • Most preferred form of access on Swiftlane, due to it’s convenience and security
  • Never worry about getting locked out from forgetting keys or fobs
  • No need to fumble to search for your keys
  • Built with safeguards for your privacy and data

Video Calls as well as Telephone Calls

By providing both video calling and traditional landline calling, Swiftlane meets the needs of all residents, even people who may not be carrying a smartphone.

  • Eliminate cost of landline subscriptions, saving $100-$175/month
  • Residents can choose between video calls or traditional phone call
  • Remotely unlock doors through the app or by pressing 9
  • Supports both cellphone and landline calls

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