Upgrade Your Security With a Keyless Entry System

It’s time to go keyless with a completely touchless access control solution. Increase workplace safety with keyless locks and easily manage visitors remotely with integrated video intercom and cloud-based admin dashboard.

Phone Based Access

Use the Swiftlane mobile app to gain access to your buildings with just a tap.

It’s easy to enroll, and you never have to worry about badges being stolen or copied.

Face Based Access

Swiftlane provides a touchless door unlock using face recognition.

Walk up to the door, look at the Swiftlane device, and the door unlocks!

Video Intercom With Visitors

Safely and easily allow visitor entry using the Swiftlane video intercom feature.

Two-way video intercom grants access using your mobile phone, from anywhere.

Swiftlane Health Check

Swiftlane Health Check provides tools to enable a safe return to workplace.

  • Employee Health Checks
  • Capacity Planning
  • PPE Inventory Management
  • Staggered Schedules for Social Distancing
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Future Proof Your Investment

Swiftlane’s state of the art system ensures that your money goes a long way and protected from constant, expensive upgrade cycles.

  • Install a modern smart reader at the price of legacy RFID access card system.
  • Swiftlane software updates regularly and automatically, providing new features and capabilities at no cost, and future proofing your investment.
  • Invest in our system once; guarantee security for a lifetime. Keycard systems are already outdated, and have a high propensity for security breaches.

Implement a Keyless Experience

Users love Swiftlane because of the keyless door entry and modern access experience:

  • Multiple access options: Unlock doors with your phone, using face recognition or PIN based access.
  • No more worries about losing or forgetting key cards — it’s time to go keyless!
  • Allow tenants to receive visitor video and audio calls and remotely unlock doors.
  • Provide a keyless entry experience that is hands-free, eliminating the need to touch common surfaces like key card readers and PIN pads.

Eliminate the Hassle of Key Cards

  • No more trips to the server room to keep making new key cards. Unlike key cards, people won’t forget their faces at home or lose them.
  • Legacy access control systems are complicated, outdated, and difficult to use. Swiftlane smart door lock system is intuitive and takes no more than 5 minutes to get familiar with.
  • There’s no technical knowledge or extensive training required to administer Swiftlane.
  • Managing key cards is expensive and time consuming. Swiftlane does not require either. Simply invite users over email and they can self-enroll in one minute.

Implement High Security

  • Eliminate the need for key cards and fob systems which are easily cloned
  • Swiftlane face unlock technology and electronic keyless locks ensure high security
  • Real-time visual verification that provides gold standard of security
  • Keep employees and residents safe without requiring invasive manual badge checks or expensive operations
  • Combine Swiftlane face recognition with mobile two-factor authentication for high security areas
  • Swiftlane’s advanced algorithms checks the depth of the face and prevents access from just using a photo or video of a person
facial recognition

One System for All Your Needs

  • Swiftane provides users with 3 easy forms of cutting-edge security: face recognition access, mobile phone access, and remote access through a cloud-based system.
  • Integrated video intercom comes built in to the product, so you can manage visitors and deliveries from virtually anywhere. Enable keyless door unlock with just one click, from your phone or computer.
  • No need for a separate intercom system; Swiftlane has one built into its sleek, modern interface.

Easy Installation and Affordable Hardware

  • Swiftlane technology is built to be affordable and accessible.
  • Swiftlane requires a simple Ethernet based installation that can be completed quickly with basic electrician skills.
  • Low cost to get started.
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How it works

Watch how Swiftlane can secure your office place.

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Experience the Swiftlane difference

  • High Security

    Swiftlane’s Patent Pending Two-Factor Unlock provides strong security for your building.

  • Built-In Camera Integration

    Visually verify your users through the real-time activity feed.

  • Touchless Access

    Use face and mobile unlock to open doors simply by looking at the reader.

  • Automatic Door Openers

    Works with ADA door operators to automatically open doors for COVID-19 safety.

  • Face Recognition Access

    Swiftlane’s unique face recognition unlock provides easy, contactless access to your building.

  • Mobile App Access

    Simply open doors from your phone. No need to carry key cards or remember PIN codes.

  • Touchless Visitor Access

    Integrate with Envoy to provide touchless entry to your visitors.

  • Eliminate Large Capital Expenditure

    Save thousands of dollars of CAPEX. Fast, cost effective install that works with existing key card systems.

  • Integrated Video Intercom

    Handle deliveries and visitors over a video call straight from your phone and remotely unlock doors. Learn about our intercom systems

  • Staggered Schedules

    Ensure social distancing guidelines using Swiftlane Health Check and staggered user group schedules.

  • Capacity Limits

    Eliminate overcrowding by setting capacity limits and alerts.

  • COVID-19 Solutions

    Swiftlane Health Check COVID-19 solutions enable a safe return to work with tools for capacity planning, touchless access, remote unlock, and more.

  • Fully Cloud Based Access Control

    Grant or revoke access from anywhere in the world. Centrally manage a large number of buildings from just your phone or desktop.

  • Large Operational Savings

    Greatly reduce operational costs by using a remote-first, cloud-based, and centralized workflow.

Swiftlane 5 Way Unlock

  • Face Recognition Unlock

    Unlock any door by just looking at the Swiftlane Access Point

  • Mobile App Unlock

    Use the Swiftlane iOS or Android app to easily unlock from anywhere

  • Mobile Bluetooth Unlock

    Use your mobile phone near the Swiftlane Face Reader for a touchless unlock via Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Video Intercom Unlock

    Two-way video or audio call with visitors to visually verify and grant access

  • Pin and Link Based Unlock

    Issue temporary PINs and permalinks for automatic and frictionless guest access to seamlessly manage deliveries and visitors

Secure your office access now

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PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

Access a PDF overview of SwiftReader X from Swiftlane. A modern upgrade to apartment and condo building entrances. Get a complete overview of the features of Swiftlane’s Video Intercom solution.