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Download data sheets for the SwiftReader, SwiftReader X, Door Controller Unit, Proximity Card Readers, Encrypted Card Readers, and Long Range Receivers and Transmitters.



SwiftReader combines multiple forms of touchless access control and video intercom into a single device. Requires only a single PoE input to operate.

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SwiftReader - New

SwiftReader X

SwiftReader X is designed to provide a visually stunning and intuitive video intercom and access control experience for condos, apartment buildings, offices, gated communities, and industrial buildings.

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Door Controller 5.2

Swiftlane DCU is a cloud-connected access control system that connects to the existing doors and provides you with complete control over your building. DCU 5.2 is primarily designed to support up to four entrances.

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Door controller unit

Access Control Unit (SL-ACU-1)

Designed for smooth integration and strong security, the Swiftlane ACU provides unmatched reliability in controlling building access with offline support. 

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Proximity Cards and Readers

Prox cards and readers feature 125-KHZ frequency and fast read speed and range. They are much easier to clone than encrypted formats like smartcards. Options to use key cards, fobs, disc tags, and key ring tags for access with proximity readers, mullion-mount readers, and keypads.

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Encrypted Credentials and Readers

Smart cards and readers offer a high level of security with encrypted formats. Smart cards feature 13.56-MHZ frequency and clone-proof MIFARE® DESFire® EV1/EV2 technology. Options to use key cards, fobs, and mobile credentials for access with smartcard readers and keypads.

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Long Range Receivers and Transmitters

Long range receivers and transmitters offer exceptionally long read range up to 200 feet. This solution is ideal for parking gates, garages, and gated communities. Additionally, each transmitter can also be used as a traditional access control credential—just like a standard access card.

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