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Download one of our white papers to learn more about smart building access, maximizing investment portfolios, increasing security for residents and tenants, and more.

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What Rising Inflation Means for Multifamily Portfolios

Download the Swiftlane white paper on what rising inflation means for multifamily portfolios.

Maximizing NOI With Smart Building Security

Download the Swiftlane white paper on maximizing NOI with smart apartment building security.

The Evolution of Physical Security in Modern Offices

It’s no secret that the traditional office environment has changed. But what do all these changes mean for the teams that manage the physical security of the office? Download our white paper on the new physical security practices that are helping teams overcome obstacles that offices are facing as they adopt a flexible work environment.

PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

Access a PDF overview of SwiftReader X from Swiftlane. A modern upgrade to apartment and condo building entrances. Get a complete overview of the features of Swiftlane’s Video Intercom solution.