Cloud-Based Access Control System

Swiftlane’s Cloud Access Control System integrates mobile unlock, face recognition, video intercom and visitor management systems.

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  • The all-in-one cloud based system empowers office teams, secures facilities and buildings, and simplifies visitor management with reliable two-way video calling, remote unlock capabilities, and touchless access control
  • Swiftlane provides secure, touchless access control using a cloud-based system that can be managed and accessed from anywhere. Visitor management has never been easier with two-way video and audio calling and remote door unlock — all done directly from your phone, browser or desktop dashboard

What Does Swiftlane Cloud Based Access Offer?

  • Global remote unlock capability
  • Manage permissions from anywhere
  • Free automatic cloud storage
  • Easy scalability to multiple sites
  • Minimal capital expenditure
  • Preconfigured software and hardware
  • No local server required
  • Free automatic software upgrades
  • Automatic fault detection
swiftlane video intercom and admin dashboard

Swiftlane Cloud-Based Access Control Features


Mobile Unlock

Eliminate the need for key cards and use just your mobile phone to unlock doors. Works nearby with Bluetooth Low Energy, or from anywhere using remote unlock.


Face Unlock

Face recognition access delivers a seamless, hands-free entry experience and eliminates the need for carrying key cards or fobs.


Video Intercom Remote Unlock

Video intercom with visitors at the front door and unlock the door remotely after visually verifying the person.


Remote Management

Instantly grant or restrict access, lock or unlock doors for individuals or groups. Do it from anywhere, even via mobile.


COVID-19 Safety Solutions

Join access control with remote temperature scanning and health checking tools to keep employees and visitors safe.


Manage Multiple Sites and Buildings

The Cloud-Based Access System allows for scalability to multiple sites, buildings, and locations, which can be managed remotely from anywhere.


Multiple Admins and Receptionists

Easily add multiple admins and receptionists who can manage access and users from anywhere via mobile or desktop.


Automatic Cloud Backup

Access entry logs stored in the Cloud from anywhere on your mobile or desktop.


Visitor Management Integration

Integrate with Envoy to give a temporary access pass to visitors ahead of time.

Access Control Management Features

  • Grant or revoke access instantly from anywhere
  • Fine grained access permissions
  • Easy, intuitive user interface
  • Reduce the overhead of issuing new and replacement key cards
  • Handle visitors via the video intercom system with two-way audio & video calling
  • Simple, intuitive interface that eliminate complex training or setup
  • Single Sign On integrations with OKTA, G Suite, Azure Active Directory
  • Enroll employees and visitors from mobile app or desktop dashboard
  • Pre-register, preauthorize, and monitor visitors in real-time
  • View automatically stored entry logs

Modern, Convenient Access Control Experience

  • No need to remember key cards, just walk up to a door and it unlocks
  • Hold your coffee and your laptop, no need to fumble for your key cards
  • Touchless, germ-free access experience
  • Never get locked out again
  • Communicate with the admin directly via the Swiftlane intercom, in case of issues
  • Built for strong data privacy and security

Future Proof Your Investment

  • Future proof your access control investment
  • Key cards are already getting phased out
  • Eliminate heavy upfront costs and expensive maintenance
  • Remove security vulnerabilities from legacy card systems
  • Increase building aesthetics
  • Enhance security and elevate property value
  • Eliminate complex on-site servers
  • Empower your teams and protect employees and visitors
  • Create a modern, safe, and compliant workplace

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Combined Access Control + Video Intercom

Avoid the cost of buying and installing two different systems for access control and intercom. Swiftlane intercom comes built in with touchless access control using your mobile phone or face unlock


Touchless Mobile Access Control

Simply open the door with your phone. Avoid the hassles of giving out key cards and key fobs. Mobile unlock can be performed nearby over Bluetooth Low Energy, or via the app remotely from anywhere from the app using remote unlock feature.


Face Recognition Access Control

Swiftlane’s face recognition access control for employees and residents, provides completely touchless access to users. Simply look at the reader and the door unlocks. Self-enrollment is easy and takes only one minute, it can be done straight from the user’s phone. Face recognition access is completely optional. High Security functionality that checks 3D data and prevents photo or video of a person from unlocking the door.


Video Intercom

Built-in Swiftlane Video Intercom provides two way video intercom with visitors. Verify the person’s identify and remotely unlock the doors for them, with just a click. Pick up calls straight from your computer or phone, no need to run to a tablet every few minutes, to handle guests.


PIN Pad Access

Generate unique one time PINs for deliveries, or assign a unique PIN code to a user. Avoid shared pins that compromise security.


Temporary Link

For offices, use our Envoy integration to send a temporary link based touchless access for visitors. For residential buildings, simply send a link from the app or dashboard to pre-authorize someone for access. They can open doors using just a temporary PIN or a link.


Easy User Enrollment

Enroll within seconds via Swiftlane app or email.


Individually Control Each Door Schedule

Implement multilayer security with customized user and visitor permissions.


Temporarily Grant Visitor Access

Preauthorize automatic entry for visitors, deliveries, and vendors.

Designed for Scalability

  • Designed for Scalability Multiple Admins and Receptionists

    Configure multiple admins and receptionists, in order to provide detailed coverage for large sites, or redundancy in case one person is busy

  • Multiple Doors and Sites

    Every building is different, and our system can scale to your needs. Swiftlane intercom dashboard allows configuring multiple entrances, and all of them can be managed centrally from the same system

  • Scales for One Door to Hundreds

    Swiftlane’s cloud-based Access Control System is designed for scalability, with constant over the air updates to provide new up to date features

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