Swiftlane for Commercial Real Estate Buildings

Enable access for tenants, employees, and visitors from a single cloud-based management dashboard. Swiftlane simplifies access control for property managers, real estate brokerages, and landlord representation.

  • Touchless access control
  • Multi-tenant video intercom
  • Visitor management solutions
  • Cloud-based admin dashboard
  • Mobile and key card access
  • Works with turnstiles, elevators, parking gates, and garages

Built for the Modern Security Needs of Commercial Buildings

Unlock a modern access control experience for your building, elevating the experience while future proofing your investment.

  • Touchless Access Control

    Touchless access options built in the U.S. to increase safety and security for the post-COVID-19 world. Privacy-oriented face unlocks and mobile unlock solution.

  • Multi-Tenant Video Intercom Systems

    Multi-tenant system allows for two-way video calling with front desk and visitors.

  • Visitor Management Solutions

    Swiftlane’s Envoy partnership enhances the visitor management experience with touchless visitor management, remote verification and entry, and temporary door access ahead of time.

Tenant Access Control vs Full Building Deployments

A system that can easily be rolled out to a few tenants or to the entire building. Built in centralized access management for all tenants as well as multiple buildings.

Single Tenant Access Control

Swiftlane’s modular, low cost installation allows access control installation for just a single tenant suite. Discuss pre-install, turnkey new office lease experience for your tenants.

Full Building Deployments

Swiftlane provides a scalable access control system for new construction buildings and existing building upgrades. Streamlined support for managing multiple tenants via a centralized cloud-based dashboard.


Comprehensive Security Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Work with Swiftlane and our partners to put together a comprehensive solution for your physical security needs.

  • Touchless access control
  • Video intercom system
  • Video surveillance
  • Visitor management
  • Fire detection
  • Intrusion detection
swiftlane touchless access

Benefits of Swiftlane Access Control for Commercial Buildings


Future Proof Your Investment

  • Swiftlane’s modern security system is architected to provide highest future proofing for your investment
  • Works with existing infrastructure like electronic door locks and ethernet-based cabling
  • Over the air updates to continue receiving the best new features

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Manage multiple tenants and buildings from anywhere
  • Grant credentials remotely to tenants and visitors
  • Save money by eliminating operating costs from on-premise systems

Elevated Tenant Experience

  • Cutting-edge touchless access technology
  • Modern two-way video intercom system
  • Fast enrollment and easy user experience

High Security

  • Facial biometrics system that’s high security, SOC 2 compliant, and designed to protect privacy
  • Cloud-based system that allows revoking access instantly

Single Tenant vs Full Building Installs

  • Flexibility around installation types
  • Turnkey office move experience to new tenants
  • Talk to us about pre-installs for new tenants

Comprehensive Security Solution

  • Lower cost from using a single system for managing tenant and visitor access
  • Comprehensive physical security solution
  • Work with us to deploy a complete solution for your building security
swiftlane touchless access control for commercial real estate
swiftlane touchless access control for commercial real estate
swiftlane touchless access control for commercial real estate
swiftlane touchless access control for commercial real estate
swiftlane touchless access control for commercial real estate
swiftlane touchless access control for commercial real estate

Works With Swiftlane Access Control

  • Elevator Access
  • Parking Gate Access
  • Turnstiles
community gate systems

High Security and Privacy First Guarantee

Swiftlane delivers reliable, convenient solutions that prioritize high security and data privacy.

  • Encrypted Communications

    TLS and HTTPS encrypted communications to secure your data.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Turn on face recognition + mobile unlock for high security areas.

  • Visual Verification

    Prevent unauthorized access through a photo-based audit trail.

  • Secure Data Handling

    Encrypted storage and secure data handling policies safeguard from unauthorized access.

  • Data Usage

    Swiftlane does not sell your data, please read our complete Privacy Policy.

  • Tailgating Detection

    Detect and prevent break-ins with automatic tailgating alerts.

Have Questions?

Get in touch with our team to learn more about what Swiftlane can do for you.

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PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

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