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Swiftlane combines convenience and high security to ensure every community is a safe, desirable place to live. Our cloud-based end-to-end smart technology provides access to every point in a building using face recognition access, mobile access, video intercom, visitor PINs, key card access, and voice-enabled unlock.

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Video Intercom System

Swiftlane’s integrated video intercom system offers built-in two-way audio and video intercom calling for secure visitor and guest management. The Swiftlane app allows users to answer calls from anywhere, and they are received as a regular phone call without the need to monitor app push notifications. Traditional intercom systems only work when you are in the building.

  • Pick up calls on mobile phone or computer
  • Two-way video and audio intercom calling
  • Multi-tenant video intercom
  • Ensures secure delivery access and reduces package theft and unauthorized access
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Introducing RentGPT: AI Leasing Chatbot

Swiftlane’s RentGPT offers a new standard in AI leasing bots, enhancing efficiency, tenant interactions, and conversion rates.

  • RentGPT is free
  • Install Swiftlane RentGPT on your apartment’s website in one min
  • Zero onboarding: RentGPT is pre-trained on your property’s information and can get started right away
  • Fully conversational in multiple languages and can respond to the most complex questions
  • Centrally lease hundreds of properties
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Mobile Access Control

Mobile access turns your phone into your key, eliminating the need for fobs or key cards. Unlock any door, amenity space, package room, parking garage, or elevator using just your smartphone.

  • Simple, touch-free door unlock using the Swiftlane mobile app available on iOS or Android
  • Remotely unlock doors from anywhere — no need to be onsite to buzz visitors inside
  •  Manage access permissions and users from a browser or mobile phone without needing to be onsite
  • Built for strong data privacy and high security
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Ready to Elevate Building Security? Explore Our Essential Collection of PDF Resources

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Enhance access control with mobile solutions. Learn tips for a smooth implementation and benefits of mobile gate openers.

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From telephone call box to video intercom. Elevate security and convenience. Explore the transformation today.

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Face Recognition Access Control

Swiftlane is the only multifamily solution that offers face recognition access control. Our touchless technology combines high security with convenience for the most secure, seamless way to access any building or community. 

  • Just walk up to the door and look at the SwiftReader to gain touchless access to any authorized door or access point
  • User enrollment is easily completed in under a minute to enroll and eliminates the need to worry about a key, badge, or fob
  • Advanced anti-spoofing via 2D and 3D depth data prevents unauthorized access
  • Works with existing electronic door locks and building infrastructure
  • Simple Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) based install
  • Swiftlane is designed to protect your privacy — you own the data
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Face Recognition Access Control

Visitor PINs

PIN access ensures seamless management for visitors and deliveries to avoid unauthorized access and reduce package theft. PINs are easily managed via Swiftlane’s cloud-based dashboard and mobile app.

  • Single-use and multi-use PINs
  • Unique PINs for building tenants
  • Assign PINs directly from Swiftlane app
  • Photo audit log
  • Eliminate the need for keys, badges & fobs
  • Send PINs via email and text
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Key Card Access Control

Swiftlane provides the option to use key cards for access to any multifamily building or community. Our system supports a variety of cards and readers to offer high-security solutions that are customizable and scalable.

  • Supports proximity cards, encrypted card formats, and fobs
  • Works with existing electronic door locks
  • Long range readers and receivers for garages, elevators, and parking gates
  • Seamless integration with video intercom, face recognition, and mobile unlock
  • Simple, intuitive remote cloud-based management
  • Instantly grant/revoke credentials using your mobile phone
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Benefits for Every Building

Swiftlane’s complete common area access solution adds building value, improves operational efficiency and staff productivity, and increases physical and data security, plus creates ancillary revenue opportunities. Read more about the right Swiftlane solution for your building.

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Here's What Our Customers Say About the Swiftlane Experience

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What Property Managers Are Saying

“After taking a look at a couple of different options on the market, Swiftlane seemed to be not only the most elegant solution in terms of form factor and installation, but also the product itself was better and valued better than other options.”

Adam Basuljevic, Asset Manager, TARGO Capital Partners

"We’re actually saving money by not having to hire someone to go to the building to change the intercoms.”

Kathleen Breny, Senior Property Manager, The Schoolhouse

"My overall impression of Swiftlane is nothing short of extraordinary. We are able to access our building quickly, securely and confidently knowing that our building is protected."

Fred Schwark, Co-Op Admin, Hell’s Kitchen Co-Op

“The time savings is unbelievable. The whole management is really why we like the system.”

James Maione, Property Manager, Paddlers Point

"We’ve seen financial value right from day one in avoiding some really expensive overhead type costs."

Fred Schwark, Co-Op Admin, Hell’s Kitchen Co-Op

Customer Success Stories

Swiftlane technology provides real value and solutions to minimize the operational burden for property managers, speed up the lead to lease period, and provide reliable remote management capabilities. Read our customer success stories to learn more.

The Wellshire

The Wellshire is a 107-unit property located in South Denver, Colorado, that wanted to improve the tenant experience and simplify property operations.

The Harper

The Harper community partnered with Swiftlane to implement a simple yet sophisticated access control and video intercom system to improve physical security and resident experience. Download the customer case study to learn more.

Paddlers Point

Paddlers Point is a new 132-unit multifamily development in Matamoras, Pennsylvania, that needed flexible solutions to efficiently manage the entire property.

Here's What Our Customers Say About The Swiftlane Experience

Christopher Wilkerson

The design is excellent, and the programming is seamless! This device has brought satisfaction and fulfillment to both property management teams and tenants alike. The tech support team consists of knowledgeable and friendly individuals. We have a strong affection for Swiftlane!

Jim Coufal, The Harper

Our original DoorKing system had frequent outages, required manual programming at each box, and lacked user tracking, compromising security. Swiftlane won us over with their proactive presale approach, sending a technical expert who resolved a 10-year garage door issue.

Kathleen Breny, The Schoolhouse Condos

Due to a rising issue with package theft in Jersey City, exacerbated by the pandemic, we sought to enhance our building's security. Swiftlane provided the complete solution we needed, including facial recognition and improved video monitoring.

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PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

Access a PDF overview of SwiftReader X from Swiftlane. A modern upgrade to apartment and condo building entrances. Get a complete overview of the features of Swiftlane’s Video Intercom solution.