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Here's What Our Customers Say About the Swiftlane Experience

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What Property Managers Are Saying

Management and Operations

The Schoolhouse Condos

Kathleen Breny

Since the Swifltane install, we've had three sales of the property. I was easily able to take the old owner out and add the new owner. As soon as we got the new owner's information, I sent them an invite and my part was done. It was so easy, it was wonderful. Previously, I had to hire and pay someone to go to the building and change the unit. Now it's one click on my computer, which is fantastic. It takes two minutes. We're actually saving money by not having to hire someone to go to the building to change the intercoms

Paddlers Point

James Maione

The whole management experience is really why we like the system. The overall user management is top tier without question. It's so easy to add new users, maintain users, and revoke access instantly.

The Greene

Bridget Zinkiewicz

It has saved me a lot of time as a property manager. Before, I would miss appointments because I would be away from my office and vendors or prospects would just leave since they weren't able to get in. Now, I can pick up intercom calls, see who is at the door and let them into the residential office if I'm busy around the property doing an inspection or giving a tour.

The Linden

Catherine Hsu

There are definitely many things that I appreciate about Swiftlane. The dashboard has been really easy and super user-friendly. Some things I really appreciate about Swiftlane are that I can help open the gate for delivery people from anywhere. I just get a call on my phone, I open up the app, I can see who it is, and then let them in. If I see it's a delivery person, I can even talk to them, that's a really awesome feature

What Building Owners Are Saying

What Residents Are Saying

"The system has been reliable and trouble-free, it has been nice to not have to carry an access card."


"It was easy to register and works 100% — no more codes and key fobs. I LOVE IT."


"I just really love the safety of it, and can open the door from your car."


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See how Swiftlane customers are using our smart access technology to elevate the resident experience, increase security, and drive higher revenue.

The Wellshire

The Wellshire

This 107-unit high-rise in South Denver partnered with Swiftlane to incorporate a smart, unified access solution to improve the tenant experience and simplify property operations.

Paddlers Point

Paddlers Point

This new construction 132-unit development chose Swiftlane’s simple yet sophisticated access solution for efficient, remote property management and a secure, modern system for tenants that aligns with the luxury design and aesthetic.

The Schoolhouse in Jersey Heights

The Schoolhouse Condos

The Schoolhouse Condos in Jersey Heights is a historic 29-unit multifamily property that chose Swiftlane because of our secure, personalized access solution for residents.

Upgrade Your Building Security

Get in touch with a Swiftlane specialist for more information on the best access control and video intercom solution for your building.

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Access a PDF overview of SwiftReader X from Swiftlane. A modern upgrade to apartment and condo building entrances. Get a complete overview of the features of Swiftlane’s Video Intercom solution.