Mobile Access Control With Remote Unlock

Swiftlane mobile access provides a modern, reliable, and seamless access control experience for apartment buildings and offices. Unlock doors from anywhere with the Swiftlane mobile app.

  • Encrypted signals for high security
  • Swiftlane apps available for iOS and Android
  • Supports Bluetooth and remote door unlock
  • Efficient operating system won’t drain the battery
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Mobile Access Control

How Swiftlane Mobile Access Control works

Touchless Entry with Swiftlane mobile access through Bluetooth and NFC access

Benefits of Swiftlane Mobile Access

Benefits for Property Managers

  • Admins can manage access to multiple workplaces or buildings directly from a mobile phone or desktop
  • Easily invite new users via email and eliminate the need to exchange key cards in person
  • Real-time activity feed allows admins to see who is accessing the building along with a timestamp

Benefits for Building Owners

  • Avoid the cost of buying and installing two different systems for access control and intercom — Swiftlane offers an all-in-one solution 
  • Eliminate the ongoing cost of creating and managing new keys, fobs, and key cards
  • Improves security and protects your investment with an encrypted and more secure access format

Benefits for Tenants

  • Mobile unlock provides a reliable, seamless experience every single time
  • Encrypted signals ensure high security and data protection
  • Remotely unlock the door from wherever you are
Swiftlane mobile unlock

Get the Swiftlane App

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Complete Cloud Access Control Platform

that updates every access point in real time

Automate access grants via integrations with OKTA, G Suite, Azure Active Directory, Envoy
Easy management of access from anywhere
Camera integration built into the SwiftReader
SOC II and HIPAA certified Cloud-Based Access Control System

5 Reasons to Switch to Mobile App Access Control

  1. Eliminate ongoing cost of creating and managing new keys and cards

  2. Improve security with a encrypted and more secure access format

  3. Increase convenience for users to just use their phone for door entry

  4. Grant access remotely without needing to exchange keys or key cards in person

  5. Better COVID-19 safety with touchless, germ-free form of access control

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Built for Strong Data Privacy and High Security

Annual pen tests

Integrations Help Streamline Operations

  • Send temporary access to visitors via the Envoy integration
  • Automatically pull users from G Suite, OKTA, Azure Active Directory, One Login, and many more!
  • Integrate video surveillance systems like Eagle Eye and Salient for a complete video monitoring system 

Here's What Our Customers Say About The Swiftlane Experience

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Property Manager

Great system

For me, Swiftlane seemed to be not only the most elegant solution in terms of form factor and installation, but also in the product itself. From what I've seen and experienced across Swiftlane and other products, the difference in user experience was night and day. Its affordability compared to any other solutions we saw made it the perfect trifecta.


Simple and secure

Overall, being able to walk up, have it scan your face, and get right in is probably the best feature that Swiftlane has to offer.
Alexander Gancarz
Alexander Gancarz

Condo Board Member

Swiftlane is a game-changer

As a member of the board of our condominium association, I found Swiftlane’s system to be a game-changer. Its seamless integration of RFID, Bluetooth, and visual recognition technologies has not only enhanced our security but also made access more convenient for our residents. The setup process was straightforward, and any issues were quickly addressed by Swiftlane’s responsive support team.
Marty Friedman
Marty Friedman

Apartment Owner

It works beautifully

Swiftlane was able to put all three of those formerly discrete systems, intercom, garage access and fob readers, on the same platform. And it works beautifully right now. The learning curve was near zero and it gives everyone a lot more flexibility. The delay is near zero. It’s an amazing response time... Everyone sort of assumes these things are clunkier. And this one is, you know, it’s like, you press the button, the door opens.
Gregg Burton
Gregg Burton

Condo Board Member

Swiftlane’s technology has modernized our building

As a trustee for the Condo Association, my experience with Swiftlane has been transformative. The transition from our outdated intercom system to Swiftlane’s cloud-based solution not only improved property access but also enhanced our overall security and vendor management. The support from Swiftlane was exceptional and pivotal during the installation phase. Swiftlane’s technology has modernized our building, meeting the needs of all residents.
James Maione
James Maione

Property Manager

The time savings is unbelievable

One of the most useful things about Swiftlane is the ease of setting up users. It takes me under 30 seconds to add a new user. It's so fast. I just enter their name, email, and send them an invite. Before, I had to physically go to the property to program a fob or PIN code. The time savings is unbelievable.

Portfolio Manager

By far our favorite

Swiftlane is by far my favorite. We've tried ButterflyMX, but Swiftlane seems to be more user-friendly, with more features, and the best price point.

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