Best Video Intercom System for Offices

Swiftlane office intercom system is an affordable, easy to manage visitors and deliveries in an all-in-one access control system.

Remotely Answer Intercom Calls

The Swiftlane Cloud Dashboard allows you to pick up calls from anywhere, simply from your browser or mobile phone.

Swiftlane Intercom Dashboard

Two-Way Video and Audio Calls

Wirelessly pick up video calls and remotely open doors to verify visitors and deliveries.

  • Two-Way Video

    1080p Adaptive Video Resolution.

  • Audio Only Calls

    Option to pick up audio calls.

  • Remote Door Unlock

    Instantly unlock the door from your phone.

One System for All Your Needs

Swiftane provides users with 3 easy forms of cutting-edge security: face recognition access, mobile phone access, and remote access through a cloud-based system.

Intercom Dashboard Features

Wireless Calls Straight To Your Phone

Receive wireless calls straight to your phone to remotely unlock the door. No need to run to a wall-mounted tablet or be stuck at the front desk.

video intercom call

Swiftlane Features

  • High Security

    Swiftlane’s Patent Pending Two-Factor Unlock provides strong security for your building.

  • Built-In Camera Integration

    Visually verify your users through the real-time activity feed.

  • Touchless Access

    Use face and mobile unlock to open doors simply by looking at the reader.

  • Automatic Door Openers

    Works with ADA door operators to automatically open doors for COVID-19 safety.

  • Face Recognition Access

    Swiftlane’s unique face recognition unlock provides easy, contactless access to your building.

  • Mobile App Access

    Simply open doors from your phone. No need to carry key cards or remember PIN codes.

  • Touchless Visitor Access

    Integrate with Envoy to provide touchless entry to your visitors.

  • Installs With Existing Door Locks

    Swiftlane installs with simple ethernet wiring, and with existing electronic door locks.

  • Integrated Video Intercom

    Handle deliveries and visitors over a video call straight from your phone and remotely unlock doors.

  • COVID-19 Solutions

    Swiftlane Health Check COVID-19 solutions enable a safe return to work with tools for capacity planning, touchless access, remote unlock, and more.

  • Fully Cloud Based Access Control

    Grant or revoke access from anywhere in the world. Centrally manage a large number of buildings from just your phone or desktop.

  • Large Operational Savings

    Greatly reduce operational costs by using a remote-first, cloud-based, and centralized workflow.

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PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

Access a PDF overview of SwiftReader X from Swiftlane. A modern upgrade to apartment and condo building entrances. Get a complete overview of the features of Swiftlane’s Video Intercom solution.