Guide to Managed WiFi for Apartments

What is Managed WiFi?

Managed wifi i refers to wifi being offered as a service and being managed by a third party. Apartment buildings are starting to offer managed wifi as a built in service to the residents, allowing them to reap many benefits. Managed wifi provides an important amenity for resident along with a growing list of valuable features like video intercom, smart apartment access control, package lockers and many more.

Benefits to Residents

  • Internet is a necessary service like water and electricity these days
  • It can be available from the minute you move in
  • Avoid getting on long service calls to get internet setup, negotiate rate with every vendor
  • Avoid the technical challenges of configuring routers and modems and running ethernet cables in the house
  • With work from home being dominant now, you are less likely to miss work days due to lack of internet when you move
  • Buildings can negotiate preferred bulk rates from telecom companies for the whole building. This means lower cost of internet for residents
  • Guaranteed high quality coverage through the building with minimal risk of blind spots
Managed Wifi for Apartments
Managed wifi takes care of the internet setup for residents

Benefits to Landlords

  • Landlords need to purchase internet for the common area of the buildings. Buying it for all the units provides significant negotiating potential and reduced rates
  • Landlords need to put internet based security systems in the building which can use the same provider
  • New revenue stream – Internet is a basic necessity today. Tenants will pay an additional fee for managed internet on their behalf, and this can be an additional revenue stream to the building owners and operators
  • Higher building desirability – residents don’t want to deal with the complexity of managing their internet. They would select a building with this amenity over that doesn’t have it

Best Managed Wifi Companies for Apartment Buildings

AT&T Managed Wifi 

AT&T managed fiber service can bring gigabit speeds to apartment communities. It provides direct fiber connection to each unit, with 1 Gb speeds. It delivers fast, managed internet service option for residents. 

Comcast Xfinity Business Managed Wifi

Comcast provides managed wifi for apartments, student housing, assisted living and many other segments. It simplifies the process of move ins and signing for internet, that may take only few minutes, since the apartment is already equipped with internet. Comcast and Xfinity can also cable and streaming TV options for residents that want entertainment.

Spectrum Community Solutions 

Spectrum provides high speed internet for common area as well as resident internet. It boasts of high quality 24X7 support and many integrated entertainment options alongside the internet. With cord cutting becoming the norm, it’s worth evaluating whether adding additional cost of cable might be valuable to residents or not. 

Dish Managed Wifi Services

Dish provides gig speed wifi and internet for community and resident access. It includes live streaming TV as part of the plan, covering 24 popular DISH channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, Disney etc.

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