Guide to Creating a Fun Trade Show Environment

How do you make your trade show more appealing for your target audience? Although conferences and tradeshows are paused because of the current pandemic crisis, exhibitions have gained in popularity worldwide and the competition to entice people to visit your company’s booth has become a challenge. Exhibitors are trying all sorts of innovative ways to make their exhibition stand and booth more engaging and impactful.

Looking for ideas on how to create a fun environment that will increase footfall at your booth during a trade show? Here’s some ideas that you can incorporate in your stand design.

Less Is More — Think Feng Shui

Don’t clutter your booth. There is no need to put every product you have in your inventory on display at the exhibition stand. Show the most popular ones of course and focus on what’s new and fresh. For everything else you can bring it up in discussion once you have engaged a potential client in conversation and you have tailored your pitch accordingly.

Make Your Booth Approachable

Ensure your booth is visible from everywhere on the floor. Keep the entrance clear. Every element of your booth should be visible. The logo and the message of your brand should be straightforward and clear, this will speak volumes for your company.

Include Interactive Videos

This is always a winner. Interactive and digital experiences are always found to be more genuine and engaging. Try and gamify at trade shows if possible. Include a fun element in the sessions so that users find them entertaining and exciting. Be inspiring to your target audience.

Inspire Social Media Discussion

While it takes some planning, setting up a social media wall and directing social discussion is a fantastic way to generate buzz. Incorporate featured posts, giveaways and a social photo booth to up your game even more.

Add a Snacks/Beverage Stall

This idea never fails. Everybody loves to snack while on the trade show floor, irrespective of your target audience. Attract event attendees with a tasty treat and maybe they can become a loyal customer.

Offer a Cell Phone Charging Station

Offering a free phone charging station at your booth is the perfect way to attract trade show attendees, and immediately give them a positive association with your brand. When you rent a charging station, you can also get it branded with your colors and logos. It gives you the perfect excuse to strike up a conversation with a prospect and show them around your booth.

Gifts and Giveaways

Who doesn’t love swag at trade shows? Ideas for your stand could include small gifts like pens, keychains, wallets, selfie sticks, cardholders, tote bags, T-shirts, USB sticks. Ideas like these can make a big impact on footfall.

About the author Joe Cochrane is a co-founder of He has 10 years of experience in international sales in multiple industries using trade fairs, conferences and event sponsorship to expand internationally. Most recently he was head of business for an international digital startup in the UK and Nordics. Tradefest is a free resource for people to share feedback on conferences and trade shows from around the world. The idea is to help people discover cool events through unbiased insights from attendees and exhibitors.

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