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To apply for this position, send an email to with the link to this job posting and a little information about yourself. We look forward to talking with you!

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Based in San Francisco


You are the chief of unblocking things for the CEO. You are helping execute the CEO’s role everyday. You wear many hats including business development, product manager, sales development person, recruiter and operations lead. We are looking for a Chief of Staff role to the CEO, with less than 2 years of industry experience, but a strong passion towards learning how to build companies, and potentially grow towards a Business Development or Operations / Strategic Management role in the future. Experience in fast paced, disciplined environments like management consulting is highly desirable. 

About Swiftlane

Swiftlane is an disruptive, early stage, VC funded startup based out of San Francisco. Swiftlane is working on creating a very unique and modern experience for building security. We are upgrading key card access control with face recognition and mobile app access. We want to increase building visitor management with video intercoms and remote unlock. Our goal is to upgrade the technology in buildings, to create modern, touchless access control experiences.  We bring in a diverse set of experiences across companies like Facebook, Instagram, Fitbit, Lyft and many more.

Job Description

Simply put, the chief of staff is an extension of the CEO. You would be working closely with the CEO, to provide hands on and strategic execution across all dimensions of the company. You will collaborate across the entire company and also extensively communicate with external stakeholders. 

What qualities are needed to succeed in this role

  • Productivity Geek: Effective email, calendar management, with ability to manage a large number of tasks and get stuff done. Ability to prioritize. Aspiring to achieve the most important outcomes
  • Great people skills, ability to work with people across the company and outside the company. 
  • Very strong verbal and communication skills
  • Desire for fast learning and growth, to learn new areas of the product, day to day operations and strategic and disciplined execution
  • Desire to learn how to build startups, and the willingness to put the hard work towards that. Note – hard work is different from long work hours, we are not looking for long work hours, but a desire to achieve outcomes, and make your time count. 
  • Great overall computer skills, including productivity tools like Word (or google docs), excel (spreadsheets), and presentations
  • Public speaking and presentations to clients, company meetings etc
  • Data driven
  • Passion towards building startups

What you will do

  • Building successful companies from ground up
  • Help build the company alongside the CEO
  • Extension of CEO efforts around customer interactions, setting up meetings, outreach on behalf of the CEO to industry experts
  • Facilitate internal discussions around day to day operations across sales, engineering, marketing, operations
  • Manage timelines and ensure projects are moving on time
  • Define and review critical business KPIs(Key performance indicators) and metrics
  • Outreach over email and linkedin to set hiring pipeline of candidates
  • Data research and market research related to the industry, customers, investor, fundraising etc
  • Developing presentations for internal and external meetings

Swiftlane Culture

  • Ownership: Swiftlane has a culture of high impact and ownership. Although you would be working remotely, you would be a critical member of the engineering team, entrusted with very big responsibilities. 
  • Initiative: This is not really a freelance job, we are not looking to just bring people to give them tasks. We believe in building a strong core team that can lead and take initiative. You would be the one identifying the best way to improve and develop the Swiftlane systems everyday
  • Feedback and iterate: We strongly believe that it’s important to learn from end users, and learn from each other.
  • Think about the end users: To build great products, it’s important that you try to understand the entire product experience for the end users. Only then, you can implement the best product that brings delight to everyone


  • Stock option grant that allows participation in long term success in the company
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Reimbursements for equipment (limitations apply)
  • Work with a strong engineering first culture
  • Opportunity to develop complex products from ground up, spanning hardware, software, machine learning, on a modern stack
  • Opportunity to work in a high ownership and impact environment (We don’t just say it, it’s how we work)
  • Potential opportunity to travel to meet the team, conferences or offsites

Learn more About Swiftlane


To apply for this position, send an email to with the link to this job posting and a little information about yourself. We look forward to talking with you!

PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

Access a PDF overview of SwiftReader X from Swiftlane. A modern upgrade to apartment and condo building entrances. Get a complete overview of the features of Swiftlane’s Video Intercom solution.