30 Drawbacks of Key Card Systems

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Key card technology has not changed much since their introduction 40 years ago. And still, as
technology advances and behavior changes, most still use key card access control for secure
building entry.

Using key cards as the sole method of access control was an operational burden for facility
teams who had to manage them.

Some of the challenges with key cards for end users include:

  • Security Risks and Operating Inefficiencies
  • Carrying badges on a lanyard is cumbersome
  • People struggle to find their key cards in their bags every time they are at the door
  • When key cards are forgotten, users are frustrated when they are locked out because the process of issuing a new key card or even gaining access to the building is long and time-

Security Risks and Operating Inefficiencies

  • Key card cloners on Amazon cost only $27, making them easy to steal and clone
  • Cloning a key card is without a doubt a risk to security, but the intent behind copying any access device is an act of malicious intent. This is a serious security threat to any building’s occupants and data
  • Key card operating systems only run inside the building, so you cannot manage them remotely
  • Key card systems do not provide the ability to manage/remove access in real time
  • Due to these constraints, there can be delays in removing access for security breaches and unauthorized individuals
  • According to security experts, most companies still have a large number of key cards in circulation that belong to past occupants, which leaves buildings vulnerable to security risks
  • As remote work becomes the norm, security and IT teams are facing a lot of friction when it comes to managing on-site access credentials
  • Most key card systems run on insecure network communication, using HTTP or encrypted
  • connections. This can be a weak spot for hackers to tap into
  • Legacy systems require complex network changes to the firewall, opening up more weak spots and causing a lot of stress to IT teams

Access our in-depth PDF overview to delve deeper into the ’30 Drawbacks of Key Card Systems’ and explore the advantages mobile access offers to building owners, property managers, and tenants.

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