10 Reasons to Switch to Mobile Access Control

Ready to upgrade your access control system? Download our PDF overview for insights into the 10 reasons why mobile access is the way forward. Unlock convenience and security with Swiftlane's modern solution.

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Why do organizations and businesses still use key card based access control? We all forget our
cards: we leave them at home, in our car, at our office desk when we go for lunch, and so on. In
fact, keys and key cards are people’s second-most forgotten item. Every lost card incurs a cost.
And during COVID, employees are hesitant to use loaner cards that have been touched by other

You know what nobody ever leaves behind or forgets? Because their whole life is on it? Their
mobile phone.

That’s just one reason why mobile access control is superior to other methods. Download our free PDF and discover 10 reasons why mobile access control will replace badges and key cards as the more convenient solution.

PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

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