San Francisco Safety Concerns: Impact on Renters and Owners

A breakdown of the high-risk criminality multifamily owners and operators will likely face in the Bay Area. Learn about the more popular ones and how to catch and avoid them to ensure better tenant retention. Download our PDF overview.

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San Francisco has been experiencing a rise in crime rates, which poses a significant concern for multifamily property owners and operators in the Bay Area. The surge in property crimes, particularly, has been impacting residential buildings, leading to a less-than-desirable tenant experience.

It is imperative for multifamily owners to devise and implement robust security measures to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their residents. Here’s the data that should alarm apartment owners and operations.

Recent data reveals an uptick in criminal activities in San Francisco, affecting the overall safety perception in the city. While violent crimes are part of the problem, property crimes have become a more pressing issue, especially for multifamily residences where a large number of individuals reside in close proximity. The density and design of these buildings often make them an easy target for burglars and other criminals.

Download our comprehensive PDF overview to discover how San Francisco crime compares to other U.S. cities.

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