Swiftlane Enterprise Access Control and Intercom Overview

Modern workplaces look much different today than ever before: they harness new technology, support a hybrid work environment, and cater to employee well being in new way. But this transformation to a modern office does not come without challenges. Swiftlane’s security-first access and intercom solution is designed to support the transformation to a modern, hybrid workplace.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Swiftlane’s all-in-one enterprise security solution decreases the expense of operating separate systems, including staff training, installation, maintenance, and product updates. 

Support Flexible Work

Remotely manage employee and visitor credentials through Swiftlane’s cloud-based system to support the modern hybrid work model efficiently.

Streamline Visitor Management

Grant visitor access with video intercom and remote unlock or by distributing recurring or single-use visitor PINs.

Virtual Front Desk

Easily add multiple admins and receptionists who can manage access and users from anywhere via mobile or desktop.

Seamless Integrations

Automatically enroll users from G Suite, Azure Active Directory and OKTA. Avoid access leaks — Swiftlane automatically revokes access when users are suspended in these systems.

Swiftlane Enterprise Access Control and Video Intercom offers:

Swiftlane allows office managers to generate unique single- and multi-use PIN codes that can be distributed to delivery persons and recurring visitors. PIN codes can be given out over the phone, via smartphone, email, and do not require a smartphone to access the office, unlike QR codes. Single-use PIN codes can be given to delivery personnel for secure one-time access to ensure an office delivery is never missed. These can also work for interviewees and other one-time visitors. Multi-use PIN codes can be scheduled to grant access for nightly cleaning crews and other recurring visitors. 

Swiftlane’s front desk solution allows visitors to easily contact the front desk or lobby staff by using the front door two-way audio and video calling. Front desk staff can remotely pick up a visitor call on their phone and unlock the door.

Swiftlane’s commercial, multi-tenant intercom enables visitors to communicate with office employees or other office managers and admins directly. With commercial multi-tenant intercom, offices can significantly reduce operational overhead in order to make scaling seamless and easy. 

Swiftlane Video Intercom allows any incoming intercom call recipient to use two-way video intercom calling to securely verify visitor ID before granting remote entry. Incoming call recipients can also choose one-way video to visually verify the office visitor without enabling video on their end. 

Swiftlane Health Check is an office intercom tool offering an in-app health screening questionnaire, health announcements, and capacity planning. Office visitors can complete a health screening assessment prior to arrival and see any health announcements for the office within the Swiftlane app. Office managers can easily manage workplace capacity as visitors come in and out. 

This product overview provides a detailed look at each of these products and features, and how they support offices, and provide employees with the best workplace experience. 

Download the overview and see how Swiftlane can benefit your enterprise or office.

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