Swiftlane Health Check

Create a safe return to office with health check tools that include employee temperature checks, PPE allocation, capacity planning, staggered schedules, and in-app health announcements.

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Our goal is to help companies reopen their offices safely and securely. Swiftlane Health Check provides comprehensive tools for a safe return to work: privacy first self-temp checks, staggered schedules, and capacity planning.

Saurabh, CEO at Swiftlane

Temperature Check

Use the app to record temperature and submit COVID-19 related symptoms to determine when it's safe to return to work.

Swiftlane Health Check dashboard

Admins can easily manage employees' health by requesting temperature checks, sending announcements, and allocating PPE.

Temperature Self-Checks

Set up your employee health checking


Ensure critical and timely updates reach all employees

Capacity Planning

Enforce capacity limits to ensure social distancing

PPE Management

Manage inventory and allocation of PPE

Emergency Contacts

Important contact info to assist your employee needs

Staggered Schedules

Create, communicate, and enforce staggered schedules for social distancing

Touchless Access

  • Minimize common touch surfaces.
  • Implement touchless access through face and mobile unlock.
  • Cloud-based management dashboard.
  • Works with ADA doors and automatic door operators.

Video Intercom
With Visitors

  • Safely and easily allow visitor entry using the Swiftlane video intercom feature.
  • Video call and grant access using your mobile phone, from anywhere.

Capacity Planning

Staggered Schedules

PPE Management

Employee Communication

Capacity Planning

Set capacity limits and turn on alerts to limit access when the building reaches capacity. Ensure social distancing and avoid overcrowding.

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Improved Security

Swiftlane is designed with high security and privacy for the modern world.

  • Encrypted

    TLS and HTTPS encrypted communications to secure your data.

  • Two-Factor

    Turn on face recognition + mobile unlock for high security areas.

  • Visual

    Prevent unauthorized access through a photo-based audit trail.

  • Secure Data Handling

    Encrypted storage and secure data handling policies safeguard from unauthorized access.

  • Data Usage

    Swiftlane does not sell your data, please read our complete Privacy Policy.

  • Tailgating Detection

    Detect and prevent break-ins with automatic tailgating alerts.

PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

Access a PDF overview of SwiftReader X from Swiftlane. A modern upgrade to apartment and condo building entrances. Get a complete overview of the features of Swiftlane’s Video Intercom solution.