Mobile Enabled Key Card and Key Fob Readers

Swiftlane is a cloud-based system that provides key card access control for multifamily and office buildings. It supports a variety of cards and readers to provide high-security solutions for every property and access point.

  • Supports proximity cards, encrypted card formats, and fobs
  • Works with existing electronic door locks
  • Long range readers and receivers for garages and gates
  • Seamless integration with video intercom, face recognition, and mobile unlock
  • Simple, intuitive remote cloud-based management
  • Instantly grant/revoke credentials using your mobile phone
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Flexible, Encrypted Physical Credential Access Control

PIN Readers

  • Supports prox cards, smart cards, and PIN code access
  • Gain access with a PIN even if you forget your key card
  • Two access modes in one
  • Temporary PIN access for contractors and vendors

Proximity Cards

  • Prox cards and readers feature 125-KHZ frequency and fast read speed and range
  • Formats include key cards, fobs, and key ring tags 
  • Not encrypted and easier to clone than smart cards

Encrypted Credentials (Smart Cards)

  • Smart cards feature 13.56-MHZ frequency and clone-proof MIFARE® DESFire® EV1/EV2
  • Formats include key cards, fobs, and mobile credentials
  • Instantly grant/revoke credentials using your phone

Fully Integrated Security System for All Kinds of Access

Video Intercom + Mobile Unlock + Face Recognition

  • Unified product that has video intercom along with modern access formats like recognition, mobile unlock, and temporary PINs
  • Instantly grant/revoke credentials using your phone
  • No technical skills needed to manage access
  • Easily grant access to visitors via video intercom and remote unlock
  • Optional face recognition for seamless, touchless entry
Swiftlane video intercom

Deep Integration With Video Management Systems

Swiftlane + Eagle Eye

  • Deep integration with Eagle Eye and other VMS systems for a unified security experience 
  • Once Swiftlane is synced with Eagle Eye, Swiftlane can automatically pull the corresponding video camera recording related to each access control event
  • Ensure you are able to tie unauthorized access to video footage without having to watch hours of video
  • View real-time Eagle Eye camera video from within the Swiftlane admin dashboard
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Swiftlane and Eagle Eye Integration

Easy Remote Management in One Centralized System

Automated Onboarding and Easy Admin Management

  • Eliminate the technical burden, costs, and overhead of managing many systems
  • Access management through a very intuitive cloud management interface that runs on any browser
  • Completely automated onboarding and offboarding through integrations into G Suite, OKTA, Azure Active Directory, and more
  • Remotely add or remove users and update permission settings from anywhere
  • Two-way audio and video calling

100% Visibility Into Access Events 

  • High security photo log of access events via SwiftReaders
  • Unlimited access logs and backup
  • Stream logs across all doors and sites through a centralized activity feed
  • Push events to video management systems to quickly identify access events in video

Versatile Product That Simplifies Access

Works With:

  • Doors and access points
  • Gated communities and apartment complexes
  • Parking garages and gates
  • Turnstiles
  • Elevators
  • Package and mailrooms

Find the Right Security System for Your Building

Multifamily Residential

Reliable visitor access solution for mid- to high-rise residential buildings, apartment complexes, and multifamily communities.

Office and Enterprise

Modern, convenient office access solution to safely and securely manage visitors, deliveries, packages, and other vendors.

High Security and Privacy First Guarantee

Swiftlane delivers reliable, convenient solutions that prioritize high security and data privacy.

  • Encrypted Communications

    TLS and HTTPS encrypted communications to secure your data.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Turn on face recognition + mobile unlock for high security areas.

  • Visual Verification

    Prevent unauthorized access through a photo-based audit trail.

  • Secure Data Handling

    Encrypted storage and secure data handling policies safeguard from unauthorized access.

  • Data Usage

    Swiftlane does not sell your data, please read our complete Privacy Policy.

  • Tailgating Detection

    Detect and prevent break-ins with automatic tailgating alerts.

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