Upgrade Your Apartment Building Security

Book a free demo to see how easy it is to upgrade your building. Swiftlane's all-in-one access control and video intercom security system is engineered by experts who are obsessed with creating safe, modern living spaces.

Why Swiftlane?

Building owners and property managers are choosing Swiftlane over every other security system because we understand the challenges that multifamily buildings have and we build our product to solve them.

  • Get Out of the Package Management Business

    Relieve your property managers from the burden of  package management with features that provide remote door unlock and temporary visitor access PINs.

  • Easily Scale and Manage Your Properties

    Remotely manage one property or hundreds from a single cloud-based dashboard for easier scalability. 

  • Instantly Upgrade Tenant Amenities

    Offer tenants secure package delivery, smartphone access, video intercom, remote unlock, visitor access, and most importantly – peace of mind.

  • Offer Contactless Apartment Tours

    Win more leasing deals by offering contactless, self-guided apartment tours by scheduling one-time PIN code access.

Solutions for Building Owners

Upgraded Property Amenities

  • Swiftlane’s face recognition access and mobile unlock technology is designed by security experts to safeguard your biggest investments while elevating the building experience
  • Provide your property managers with a better solution for package management, apartment touring, visitor access, and tenant security
  • Get the support you need when you need it through chat, email, phone, and certified integrators across the U.S.

Convenient, Accessible Property Data

  • Swiftlane’s platform makes remote management easy for one property or hundreds from a single cloud-based dashboard
  • Manage properties via mobile app or web-based browser
  • Detailed reporting provides instant access to property data in order to remain compliant and create tangible ROI 

All-In-One Common Area Security

  • Swiftlane consolidates common area security by combining access control, video intercom, video surveillance, visitor and package management to support seamless property expansion
  • Centralize purchasing power with an all-in-one provider for apartment building security

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Solutions for Property Managers

Remote Visitor Management 

  • Set up a virtual front desk for off-site management
  •  Single-use PINs that expire after 5 minutes enable secure, contactless apartment tours for streamlined leasing 
  • Multi-use PINs can be scheduled during a timeframe you designate to manage access for cleaning staff, contractors, maintenance workers, and more. 

Simple Admin Management

  • Simple, intuitive interface gives property managers a seamless option to remotely manage properties from anywhere
  • Traditional on-premise access systems are complicated and require extensive technical training — Swiftlane is simple and easy to learn in 10 minutes
  • Remotely add or remove tenants via the browser-based dashboard and provide temporary PIN access for maintenance and other vendors — no need to be on site

Seamless Workflow Integrations

  • Swiftlane offers key card access or integrates with existing key card systems to make upgrading security seamless at entryways, parking garages, and elevators
  • Our seamless integrations allow you to build the most robust, interoperable property ecosystem
  • Several property management integrations available

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Access Control Management

Solutions for Tenants

Privacy-First Face Recognition Access

  • Revolutionary face recognition access designed for apartment security
  • Easy self-enrollment only takes a minute for users
  • Unique, touchless access control experience promotes hygiene
  • Simply walk up to the door, look at the reader, and it opens

Reliable Mobile Unlock

  • Use your smartphone to unlock doors from anywhere
  • Remotely manage your visitors (dog walkers, food deliveries, cleaning services, etc) using just the Swiftlane app or browser

Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

  • High-quality, reliable two-way audio and video calling gives tenants control and flexibility for modern apartment living
  • Uniquely designed and built by in-house software experts to solve visitor and delivery challenges
  • Remotely unlock doors using mobile app and answer calls from a mobile phone or landline — never miss a delivery again!

Learn more about Swiftlane Face Recognition Access Control

How Swiftlane Works for Multifamily Buildings

Why We Care About Security

At Swiftlane, we care deeply about creating safe, secure, and modern living spaces. It’s our top priority to ensure building owners and tenants have high-quality, elevated experiences. 

We are a team of engineers and creators who saw the problems  with legacy security systems and wanted to develop a better solution. We take a privacy- and security-first approach to everything we do, and our mobile and face recognition access with integrated video intercom system reflects just that.

Unlike standalone access control or intercom systems, Swiftlane offers a complete solution to meet all common area security needs. Plus, all of these devices can be centrally managed in one dashboard that’s accessible from anywhere — you never need to be on site to make changes or product updates. 

Not only does Swiftlane close the gap by solving problems that legacy systems are not equipped for, it gives tenants what they need and want: secure, modern apartment living. Swiftlane is the intelligent security system that tenants are looking for because it was designed to solve real security issues and create an elevated, seamless living experience.

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PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

Access a PDF overview of SwiftReader X from Swiftlane. A modern upgrade to apartment and condo building entrances. Get a complete overview of the features of Swiftlane’s Video Intercom solution.