Designed for Security

Swiftlane Video Intercom for offices is built on a security-first principle, and our sleek, modern hardware reflects just that.

Solve All Your Problems With a Single, Centralized Product


Secure Package Delivery

Deliveries to offices often include important, confidential information meant only for those within the business. Secure every office delivery with two-way video calling and remote unlock from your smartphone or wherever you use the Swiftlane App.


Easy Visitor Management From Anywhere

Remotely unlock doors for verified visitors and important deliveries from your office — or from anywhere if you are out of office.


Operational Efficiency

Boost operational efficiency by reducing the burden of tedious and time consuming visitor management responsibilities. Configure multiple admins and receptionists, in order to provide detailed coverage for large sites, or redundancy in case one person is busy.


Cost Effective Installation

Fast, low cost installation via Power over Ethernet, and no large setup fees. Works with existing key card systems and includes battery and cellular backup options.


Cloud-Based Dashboard

Watch real-time access activity and visually verify every entrance from a browser-based dashboard interface. Identify anomalies and immediately investigate security issues.

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SwiftReader PIN access

Cloud-Based Admin Dashboard


High Security Access Feed

Review the access activity feed with a photo-based verification screen.


Detailed Visitor Permissions

Ensure different categories of users can have different levels of access permissions based on doors, schedules, etc.


Easily Manage Multiple Doors and Offices

Manage access points and credentials for multiple properties under one platform. 


Commercial Multi-Tenant Intercom Directory

Remotely change or update tenant list for commercial multi-tenant intercom

PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

Access a PDF overview of SwiftReader X from Swiftlane. A modern upgrade to apartment and condo building entrances. Get a complete overview of the features of Swiftlane’s Video Intercom solution.