Wireless Video Intercom for Modern Visitor and Resident Access

Upgrade your building callbox to Swiftlane wireless video intercom system. Visitors can reach residents on a video call. A resident can now open doors with face unlock, a mobile app and voice commands.

  • Multi-Tenant Video Intercom
  • Touchless Face Recognition Access
  • High Vandal Resistance for Urban Environments
  • Mobile App Door Unlock
  • 40% Cheaper than Other Video Intercoms

Serving Thousands of Apartments and Condos

Swiftlane Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

Give access to visitors and package deliveries securely and conveniently.

  • Visitors can browse and call a tenant through the touch screen directory
  • The resident receive a wireless video or a telephone call
  • They can remotely unlock doors for visitors, even when not at home
  • A resident can see who is at the door, before letting them in
  • We store photo audit log of visitors, to deter theft and increase security
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Mobile App Access for Residents

Offer mobile app based access as an amenity to residents.

  • Keep forgetting your keys? Just use the Swiftlane app to unlock building doors
  • Remotely let visitors and deliveries into the building
  • Works alongside your key fobs and keys
  • Use Siri voice commands to unlock doors instantly
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Touchless Face Recognition Door Access

Worried about losing or forgetting your keys? Just use your face to get into the building.

  • Residents can enroll their face through the Swiftlane mobile app quickly
  • Simply present your face to the reader and unlock the building doors
  • Most preferred form of access on Swiftlane, due to it’s convenience and security
  • Never worry about getting locked out from forgetting keys or fobs
  • No need to fumble to search for your keys
  • Built with safeguards for your privacy and data
Best Wireless Intercom Systems for Apartments

Video Calls as well as Telephone Calls

By providing both video calling and traditional landline calling, Swiftlane meets the needs of all residents, even people who may not be carrying a smartphone.

  • Eliminate cost of landline subscriptions, saving $100-$175/month
  • Residents can choose between video calls or traditional phone call
  • Remotely unlock doors through the app or by pressing 9
  • Supports both cellphone and landline calls
Three Types of Intercom Calls

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Swiftlane vs Alternative Video Intercoms

Swiftlane Video Intercom

  • Video Intercom - Full Screen Video Calls
  • Face Unlock for Doors
  • Supports for Landline/Telephone Calls
  • Face Unlock, Mobile, PIN, Voice Unlock Options
  • 100% Satisfaction Return Guarantee
  • Highest Vandal Resistance Rating (IK10)
  • Vandalism Replacement Insurance
  • Connects into Amazon Key for Business
  • Works with USPS Postal Lockbox
  • Cellular Internet Fallback
  • Parallel Calls to Residents in a Unit
  • Loitering Photo Logs
  • Building Announcement Feature for Residents
  • Unlimited Users Per Unit
  • Data Security and Privacy Certifications
  • Free Property Management Integrations
  • Resident Move-in and Move-out Workflows
  • Integration with CCTV Cameras
  • Intercom price between $2200-$2800
  • Live View from the Door
  • Siri Voice Unlock
  • Resident Can Call Back to the Intercom
  • Automatic Over the Air Software Updates
  • Multi-tenant Video Intercom
  • Mobile App Based Access
  • One time PIN for Food Deliveries
  • Recurring PINs for Package Delivery
  • Customizable Display Names on the Intercom
  • Cloud Based Photo Logs for Visitors

Alternative Video Intercoms

  • Push Notifications for Intercom Calls
  • No Face Unlock
  • No Landline/Telephone call support
  • Only Mobile and PIN entry
  • No Satisfaction Return Guarantee
  • No Vandal Resistance Certifications
  • No Vandal Replacement Insurance
  • Not connected with Amazon Key for Business
  • Not compatible with USPS Keybox Access
  • No Cellular Backup
  • Single Call Per Unit
  • No Loitering Logs
  • No Building Announcement Feature
  • Limited Number of Users Per Unit
  • No Data Privacy Certifications
  • Paid/Missing Property Management Integrations
  • No Move-in/Move-out workflows
  • No CCTV Integrations
  • Intercom Price Between $3900-$7000
  • No Door Live View
  • No Siri Voice Unlock
  • No Door Callback Functionality
  • Automatic Over the Air Software Updates
  • Multi-tenant Video Intercom
  • Mobile App Access
  • One time PIN for Food Deliveries
  • Recurring PINs for Package Delivery
  • Customizable Display Names on the Intercom
  • Cloud Based Photo Logs for Visitors

Serving Property Managers and Owners Nationwide

Eliminate Package Theft and Ensure Secure Deliveries

Thoughtful product design to enable secure and convenient handling all types of deliveries


Package Delivery Companies

For UPS, Fedex and other recurring deliveries, use Swiftlane to generate a reusable PIN with photo logging. This will give delivery drivers access to the building entry, and maintain photo log of all activity


One time PINs for Secure Food Delivery

Food deliveries use random drivers each time. Residents can create a single-use PIN and provide that in the delivery instructions for Drivers. This gets deactivated after the initial usage, avoiding leaking pins.


Postal and Fire Emergency Access

Swiftlane works with USPS key switches which are commonly used in buildings for mail person access. We can also provide a unique PIN for USPS access. It also works with emergency fire dept access systems.


Amazon and Key for Business

Swiftlane Intercom can connect into Amazon Key for Business module, or you can generate a unique PIN for Amazon Drivers


Securing Package Rooms

With package lockers constantly overflowing, access control is needed for giving access to the package room. Swiftlane can provide secure entry to the package room for both delivery drivers as well as resident access, along with photo logs for high security

Mail delivery and package delivery person with boxes
USPS Postal Lock Box and also knoxbox fire access
Package delivery Amazon Package delivery
Package Lockers

Designed to protect your investment

  • SwiftReader X comes with IK10 rating, the highest rating for impact protection
  • Ensures that your investment can last for decades to come
  • Swiftlane also provides free vandal replacement insurance
  • IP65 rated for weather protection
  • Works in extreme heat and cold
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IK10 Rating Hammer Vandal Protection

Swiftlane Wireless Video Intercom Features

  • High-Quality Video Calling

    Reliable, 1080p HD video calling. High-quality video offers better security and verification.

  • Temporary Visitor Access

    Assign unique six-digit single-use or multi-use PINs for visitors or deliveries. Easily revoke PINs immediately.

  • Remote Door Unlock

    Use the Swiftlane mobile app from anywhere to remotely grant access to visitors and unlock doors.

  • Integrated Access Control

    Reliable mobile access allows users to open doors with just a click on a smartphone. Option to upgrade to face recognition access.

  • Scalable for Multiple Buildings and Admins

    Centrally manage multiple buildings from a single cloud-based dashboard. Add multiple admins to create a virtual front desk that can be managed from anywhere.

  • Real-Time Security Monitoring

    View all door access in real-time via cloud-based dashboard. Prevent unauthorized access with a visual audit trail and tailgating alerts.

  • Remotely Answer Intercom Calls

    Swiftlane app allows picking up a call from anywhere. Calls are received as a regular phone call without the need to monitor app push notifications. Traditional intercom systems only work when you are in the building.

  • Versatile, Beautiful Hardware

    SwiftReader is compact and easily mountable with a 7.75″ design with robust metal enclosure in matte, dark gray finish. The hardware is IK07 rated for impact protection. Sunshade enclosure also available.

  • Easy Installation, Onboarding, and Updates

    Swiftlane is U.S. based and sold through local installers who provide installation and ongoing support. Automatic software updates eliminate constant need for expensive maintenance.

Find the Right Solution for Your Building

Multifamily Residential

Reliable visitor access solution for mid- to high-rise residential buildings, apartment complexes, and multifamily communities

Office and Enterprise

Modern, convenient office access solution to safely and securely manage visitors, deliveries, packages, and other vendors.

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An explainer video that shows all the key features of Swiftlane video intercom, including resident and visitor access methods. Start here to learn more.

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PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

Access a PDF overview of SwiftReader X from Swiftlane. A modern upgrade to apartment and condo building entrances. Get a complete overview of the features of Swiftlane’s Video Intercom solution.