Carson Living: Video Intercom & Virtual Doorman

Carson Living is a modern solution for unstaffed or partially staffed residential buildings, providing a seamless and enhanced living experience for residents while streamlining operations and communications for property management. In this blog post, we will explore the various features and benefits of Carson Living and how it can transform residential buildings.

Carson Living App

Features of Carson Living

Carson Living offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to the needs of residents and property management alike:

24/7 Remote Doorman Service

  • Never miss a guest, delivery, or inspection

Master of Packages

  • Ensure deliveries always enter your building and receive instant notifications

Integrated Intercoms and Cameras

  • Centralized viewing of your building’s cameras and intercoms
  • Residents can receive video intercom calls through the Carson app

Maintenance Manager

  • Submit maintenance requests and track their progress

Leasing and Self-Guided Tours

  • Add brokers to the app for setting up self-guided tours

Visitor Management

  • Digital access for visitors through the app or remote doorman

Building Documents

  • Keep all your building’s important documents in one place

Resident Messenger

  • Communicate directly with residents, staff, and visitors

Integrated Payments

  • Single-sign on for residents with your existing payments provider

Integrated Doors

  • Residents and staff can open all integrated doors

Enhancing the Living Experience with Carson Living

Carson Living is designed to bring the experience of a fully staffed large property to smaller, unstaffed properties at an affordable price. Here’s how it enhances the living experience for residents:

Easy Access and Convenience

  • Open doors with the app and view the 24/7 live camera feed from anywhere
  • Send digital keys to dog walkers, nannies, or visiting friends with limitations on access and notifications

Streamlined Communication and Payments

  • Submit service requests with photos and chat with your superintendent or property manager
  • Receive building announcements and message staff directly
  • Access useful documents stored in the app
  • Submit rent and other payments through the app

Simplifying Operations for Property Management

Carson Living helps property managers improve efficiency and communication while ensuring resident satisfaction:

Seamless Integration with Existing Hardware and Software

  • Unlock doors remotely with a touch of a button
  • Connect your building’s front door, package room, amenity spaces, and unit doors for better visibility and control

Simplified Package Management

  • 24/7 remote doorman ensures that residents receive notifications when packages arrive

Streamlined Communication and Operations

  • Improve communication, payments, and service requests through daily app usage
  • Higher resident satisfaction leads to increased retention and property value
Carson living with 2N intercom

Integrations and Compatibility

Carson Living is compatible with a wide range of access control companies and popular hardware devices, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems. Some of these integrations include:

  • Access Control & Cameras: EagleEye, Brivo
  • Intercoms: 2N, Solo, Comelit
  • Smart Locks: SMARTair, SALTO, Dormakaba, Schlage

Additionally, Carson Living integrates with property management systems like Yardi and online payment providers like ClickPay and Aptexx, providing a single-sign on experience for residents.

Pros of using the virtual doorman service:

  1. Cost-effective: A virtual doorman service is typically more affordable than hiring a full-time, in-person doorman, especially for smaller buildings or properties with budget constraints.
  2. 24/7 availability: The virtual doorman is available around the clock, providing consistent service and ensuring that deliveries, guests, and other needs are attended to at any time.
  3. Enhanced security: Virtual doorman services can help increase security by monitoring and recording all entry points and providing an audit trail of visitors, which is less prone to human error or oversight.
  4. Remote management: Carson Living allows residents to manage access to their property remotely, which is useful for granting entry to guests, service providers, or delivery personnel even when they are not at home.
  5. Streamlined communication: The virtual doorman simplifies communication between residents and property management, improving response times for maintenance requests and other concerns.

Cons of using the virtual doorman service:

  1. Lack of personal touch: A virtual doorman may not provide the same level of personal interaction and familiarity as an in-person doorman, which some residents may prefer or expect.
  2. Dependent on technology: The effectiveness of a virtual doorman relies heavily on the technology and infrastructure in place. Any technical issues, such as network outages or hardware malfunctions, can impact the quality of service.
  3. Privacy concerns: Some residents may have concerns about the potential for invasion of privacy or misuse of their personal information when using a virtual doorman system.
  4. Limited physical assistance: A virtual doorman cannot provide physical assistance, such as carrying packages, helping with luggage, or providing directions, as an in-person doorman would.
  5. Adapting to new systems: For some residents, especially those less technologically inclined, adapting to a virtual doorman system may pose challenges and require a learning curve.


Carson Living is a game-changer for unstaffed or partially staffed residential properties, offering a comprehensive solution to enhance the living experience for residents and streamline operations for property management. With its seamless integrations, powerful features, and user-friendly interface, Carson Living is transforming the way residential buildings are managed and experienced.

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