Apartment Intercom Replacement: 15 Important Factors to Consider

Are you a property manager or condo board member tired of dealing with outdated intercom systems and security issues? I feel your pain. In fact, I had my own life-changing experience with package theft a few years ago. It all started when I was expecting a package to be delivered to my apartment complex. I was out running errands and when I got back, I found a note on my door from the delivery company saying that they had left the package in the mailroom. However, when I went to pick it up, it was nowhere to be found. I asked around, but no one had seen anything. The package contained some important documents and I was devastated to have lost them.

Since then, I’ve become a strong advocate for better apartment security measures, including intercom systems that meet the needs of both property managers and residents. Here are some common reasons why property managers and condo board members choose to replace their intercom systems:

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Current System Is Breaking Down

Let’s face it, intercom systems are not built to last forever. Over time, they can wear out, malfunction, or simply become obsolete. If you’re dealing with a faulty intercom system, it’s time to consider replacing it with a modern, reliable one.

Residents Want to Remotely See Who Is at the Door

In the age of convenience, residents want to be able to see who is at the door without having to physically go there. A video intercom system is a perfect solution to this problem. Not only does it provide added security, but it also makes life easier for residents.

Your Current Landline Intercom Costs Are Going Up

If you’re still using a landline intercom system, you may be experiencing higher costs as phone companies continue to phase out traditional phone lines. Switching to a digital intercom system can save you money in the long run.

Your Current Wired Intercom Is Not Working for Certain Residents

Not all residents may be able to use a traditional wired intercom system due to physical limitations, such as hearing impairments. Upgrading to a digital intercom system with features like closed-captioning and text messaging can make your building more accessible to all residents.

You Are Having Package Theft Issues

As I mentioned earlier, package theft can be a real problem for apartment complexes. A video intercom system can help deter theft by allowing residents to remotely monitor their packages and alert building security if anything suspicious occurs.

You Are Having Break-ins

Break-ins are a serious safety concern for any apartment complex. An intercom system that integrates with your building’s security system can provide an extra layer of protection and help prevent break-ins.

In conclusion, whether you’re dealing with a faulty intercom system or looking to upgrade to a more modern one, there are many reasons why property managers and condo board members choose to replace their intercom systems. Don’t wait until it’s too late – invest in a reliable intercom system to keep your residents safe and secure.

Types of Apartment Intercoms

Finding the right intercom system for your apartment building can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the advances in technology, there are many new types of intercom systems available that offer improved security and convenience for both property managers and residents. Let’s take a closer look at the various types of intercom systems available, and why video intercoms are quickly becoming the most popular option for modern apartment buildings.

Wired Intercoms to Individual Units

Wired intercoms have been a reliable option for many years. In this system, a central intercom panel is wired to each unit in the building, allowing residents to communicate with visitors at the front door and remotely unlock the door if desired. While this system is reliable, it can be expensive to install and maintain, and it may not offer the same level of security as more modern options.

Telephone Line Intercoms

Telephone entry systems are another common option for apartment buildings. These systems use the existing telephone lines to connect the central intercom panel to each unit. While this can be a cost-effective solution, residents may not want to pay for the extra phone line, and the system may not offer the same level of security as newer options.

Doorking Evolve 2112 Entry System
Doorking Evolve 2112 Entry System

Video Intercom Systems

Modern video intercom systems are quickly becoming the most popular option for apartment buildings. These systems offer improved security features, such as the ability for residents to visually confirm the identity of visitors before granting access. Video intercoms can be wired or wireless, and can connect to individual units or a central panel. They can also be integrated with other smart home systems, such as door locks and security cameras, for a complete security solution.

So, when it comes to choosing the right intercom system for your apartment building, consider the level of security you need, the cost of installation and maintenance, and the convenience for both property managers and residents. A modern video intercom system may be the best option for many apartment buildings, offering both security and convenience in one package.

Swiftlane Video Intercom

What to look for in a new apartment intercom replacement

When it comes to replacing your apartment intercom system, there are a number of important factors to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Access Methods

Consider what access methods are available, such as key fobs, pins, mobile apps, and even face recognition.

Visitor Access

Having video intercom calling remotely through a mobile app for visitor access is a must-have feature.

Package and Food Delivery

Having a photo log and unique pin for package delivery drivers and the ability to give single-use pins for food delivery are important features to consider.

Wireless Calling

Make sure the system can make a call remotely without having to wire up every unit, which could get pretty cost-prohibitive.

Internet Connection

Consider whether the new system works on cellular connectivity or whether you need hardwired internet in the common area.

Vandal Resistance

Ensure that the new screen is vandal-resistant so it doesn’t break down easily.

Landline/Phone Calling

Include the option of landline/phone calling in case some residents don’t have a smart phone for video intercom calls.

Works with Existing Door Locks

Ensure the new system works with existing door locks.

Customizable Intercom Directory

Consider having a customizable intercom directory that can show either full names or unit numbers.

Software Updates

Make sure that the new systems allow for remote software updates for free.

Data Security

With data being stored in the cloud web servers, data security is crucial.


Compare costs from various vendors to see differences in hardware, software, and installation costs.

Ease of Management

Consider systems that are managed through an Ava-based interface instead of having a computer running in the building.

Time-Restricted Visitor Pin Codes

Handle visitor access by giving out time-restricted visitor pin codes.

Photo Audit Log

Maintain a photo audit log of all activity so that there is data to investigate in case there is a breaking attempt.

Cellular Backup

Ensure that the system has cellular backup for the main Internet line in case the main Internet goes in and out, ensuring that the system continues to operate without disruptions.

Off-line Access Control Capability

Consider systems that have offline access control capability so that the system will continue to run even if the Internet goes in and out.

When it comes to replacing your apartment intercom system, it’s important to consider all of these factors carefully. This will help ensure that you get a system that meets all of your needs and works reliably for years to come.

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