Top Mobile Access Control Readers & Systems

Top Mobile Access Control Companies & Readers

If you are interested in commissioning a mobile access control system for the first time or replacing your card based access control system with mobile access control, you have come to the right place.

According to a latest survey of 250+ integrators, use of mobile access control user interest in mobile access control and readers has grown up to 400% between 2020 and 2022. Moreover, smart building market size is expected to grow at a jaw-dropping 22.2% CAGR from 2022 through 2029 and is likely to have a catalytic effect on mobile access control adoption. 

mobile access control reader
Mobile Access Control
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What is Mobile Access Control?

Mobile access control is the technology that allows the use of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and smart watches instead of physical access cards to gain and manage entry into buildings and other secured spaces. 

Top Mobile Access Control Companies and Readers

In this post we review the top mobile access control companies, their hardware and software offerings, and the capabilities of their mobile readers with the aim to help you make an informed decision. Let’s start!


Headquartered in San Francisco, Swiftlane is disrupting the established access control and physical security market with its technology-first approach to physical access control and security. Swiftlane exists at the confluence of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and smartphone technologies and uses them as leverage to offer access control products that improve the overall security experience and increase operational efficiency. 


The Company offers an all-in-one suite of access control and security products including:

  • A multi-tenant building entry video intercom system
  • Mobile, face recognition, PIN- and voice-enabled entry
  • Cloud-based software 
  • Door readers and controllers
  • Mobile and browser-based dashboards for centrally managing all of these systems 

SwiftReader and SwiftReader X

SwitReader is the nerve center that controls multiple access methods and doors. It is arguably the smartest and most advanced Readers in the market that can also retrofit with existing door locks and key card readers. SwiftReaderX, the advanced variant, is a visually stunning, fully customizable access control solution for multi-unit residential and office buildings. Features of SwiftReader include:

  • Mobile enabled remote door release
  • Face recognition access
  • PIN based door unlock
  • Two-way video intercom
  • Fully cloud-managed backend
  • Vandal resistant and IK07 rated for impact protection

Swiftlane Swiftreader X

Swiftlane Mobile Enabled Keycard and Keyfob Reader

SwiftLane offers a minimalist mobile enabled pin pad and card and fob reader with remote unlock capability. Features include:

  • Smartphone, PIN, and proximity card and fob reader
  • Tap, in-pocket, mobile app, and gesture unlock
  • Bluetooth, NFC and remote door unlock
  • Easy management through mobile and browsers

Swiftlane Mobile Enabled Key Card and Key Fob Readers

HID Global

HID Signo Readers
HID Signo Readers

HID Global is an independent brand of the industry-leading door and access control conglomerate Assa Abloy. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, HID provides numerous mobile, card and biometric access control solutions through a range of Readers with diversified capabilities. HID Mobile Access allows building occupants and visitors to gain access using iPhone and Apple Watch. 

HID Signo Readers

HID’s versatile Signo Readers can support no less than 15 credential technologies including HID Mobile Access and several keycard technologies. Features include:

  • iPhone and Apple Watch unlock via BLE
  • Keycard credentials using OSDP protocol
  • Backward compatible with HID Weigand readers
  • Fully compatible with HID Reader Manager
  • IP65 outdoor rating

Stanley Security

mobile access control systems

Stanley Security is a 175 years old global provider of security and health & safety services and solutions focused on office buildings. The Company offers a broad range of physical access control and visitor management solutions from its 75 office locations in North America. Stanley Security’s latest Access Control System can provide mobile, keycard and FOB access through cloud-connected door controllers and proximity card readers. Features of Stanley Security access control system include:

  • Cloud-based access management
  • Card and FOB based unlock
  • Additional mobile, biometric, and facial recognition credentials
  • Touchless mobile and proximity unlock
  • On-site software required for additional functions

Stanley PAC Readers

Stanley PAC Readers

The PAC Stanley Readers are basically proximity cards readers. They use MIFARE and DESFire EV1 reading protocols and provide support for many popular Wiegand formats. Additional features include:

  • Touchless mobile access
  • Facial recognition
  • Iris recognition
  • Video surveillance integration
  • Visitor management

Kastle Mobile Access Control

mobile access card reader

Headquartered at Falls Church, VA, Kastle Systems provides a broad range of business security and safety solutions including access control, video surveillance, touchless entry, and visitor management. Kastle’s physical access control solutions support mobile app credential as well as proximity card options. The Company’s apartment building access solution provides keyless entry systems for the parking garage, lobby, elevators, common areas, each apartment unit, and other controlled spaces.  

  • Keyless access via smartphone credentials
  • Remote management
  • SaaS based solution
  • Flexible door scheduling
  • Dedicated monitoring by Kastle

Kastle Mobile Readers

access control card reader
Kastle Readers

Kastle’s mobile access control is a part of its KastlePresence IoT solution, an end-to-end security and entry control solution designed for apartment buildings . The Kastle Reader is a sleek looking device that can read encrypted dynamic mobile photo credentials, providing added security.


Cloudvue is a Johnson Controls company that offers Security as a Service  solutions including video surveillance and access control. Cloudvue allows you to manage and control doors and gates across your entire organization from a browser or mobile application. Its ioSmart access control system consists of directly cloud-connected IoT door controllers and readers that require no network connection. Salient features include:

  • Fully cloud managed and monitored solution
  • Manage access and unlock doors from anywhere
  • Live video monitoring with Cloudvue surveillance camera integration
  • Bluetooth Mobile credentials and smart keys
  • Supports proximity and contactless smart cards 

Cloudvue Mobile Reader 

Cloudvue readers
Cloudvue readers

Cloudvue does not offer a proprietary Reader. Rather, the system works seamlessly with Kantech ioSmart Door Controllers; both Kantech and Johnsons Controls being Tyco owned companies. Each controller controls a single door with two readers, which are configurable as IN and OUT readers. Important features include:

  • Manage multiple doors, users and schedules from a single cloud interface
  • Monitor real time activity with video integration
  • Mobile proximity and mobile app unlock

Farpointe – Conekt Mobile Access Control

Farpointe - Conekt Mobile Access Control

Established in 2003, Farpointe Data is best known for its extensive range of RFID card readers and credential solutions. Its Conekt mobile access control is a simple system that can help you upgrade your card based credentials to smartphone mobile credentials. Pros and cons include:

  • Cloud storage and delivery of mobile credentials
  • Easy enrollment via Conekt Wallet App
  • BLE based mobile app unlock and proximity card unlock
  • Works on select smartphone models
  • Remote access management and unlock not available

Conekt Readers

Farpointe readers
Farpointe readers

Conekt multi-technology readers support mobile as well as traditional physical credentials. These mobile-ready readers can read the credentials that you register and activate using the Conekt Wallet app on a compatible smartphone.

  • Available in single-gang wall switch box mount and mullion mounts
  • Can read mobile credentials from up to 15 feet
  • Reads contactless smart cards
  • Easy PoE installation


Brivo is a Bethesda, Maryland based smart building company that provides access control and security solutions for business and residential buildings and communities. Its cloud-connected access control system can be managed through an online interface and operated using the Brivo Mobile Pass app. Read the full Brivo access control review

Brivo Access Control Readers

Brivo Access Control Readers

Brivo manufactures a broad range of PIN, RFID, and smartcard readers that can also read mobile credentials using the Mobile Pass app. Using the Brivo Access interface, managers can simply email a Mobile Pass to new users, allowing them to register their credentials and unlock the door with their smartphone.

  • Mobile app unlock
  • Browser based management via Brivo Access 
  • PIN, card and mobile entry options
  • Remote real time monitoring with surveillance system integration


Founded in 2016 and acquired by Motorola Solutions in 2021, Openpath offers a range of keyless entry solutions enabled by smartphone and cloud technologies. Openpath cloud-based software and innovative hardware provide reliable mobile access control with video and intercom features. 

  • Solutions for enterprises, multifamily and commercial real estate
  • Mobile, video, voice, keycard, and fob access
  • Two way-audio and one-way video
  • Remote browser-based management
  • Read the full Openpath review

Openpath Readers

Openpath Readers

The Openpath hardware includes smart readers, video readers, door controllers,  and expansion boards. All readers can read mobile and smart card credentials whereas the video readers provide video and audio capabilities.

  • Video readers incorporate camera, doorbell, card and mobile reader
  • Video Intercom Reader Pro uses AI to route calls to assigned users
  • Identify visitors visually within the Openpath mobile app 
  • UL 294 and FCC compliant and IP65 rated

Genea Mobile Access

Headquartered at Irvine, California, Genea is a global provider of access control and visitor management solutions. Genea’s cloud-managed mobile access control system allows users to open doors, gates, networks, services, and more from their smartphone, eliminating the use of physical access control cards.

  • Tap or twist your phone to unlock doors
  • No need to open an app; your phone works like a keycard
  • Remote access control management
  • User authentication using the Genea Access Control app
  • Assign mobile keys to employees and visitors
  • NFC and BLE enabled mobile unlock

Genea Readers

Genea uses non-proprietary hardware including controllers and readers. You can connect any compatible reader and other hardware from leading providers such as HID, Mercury, Stud and WaveLynx, and the Genea software will provide mobile unlock functionality.

Which Mobile Access Control System Is Best For Your Facility?

Like all critical questions, the answer to this one also depends on a lot of factors: the nature of your facility, the needs of your tenants, the level of functionality and features you require, the number of doors and units you want to secure, and the image and positioning of you organization or building all play a role in picking the system that will continue to work smoothly well into the future. 

Swiftlane’s minimalist mobile and card reader might fit your facility if it’s a simple and user-friendly cloud-managed mobile entry system that you’re looking to buy, whereas the full-on Swiftlane access control platform might be for you if your needs extend to two-way video calling and facial recognition access control.

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