The 5 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

With the rise in hybrid and remote working, mobile devices’ popularity in the workplace also continues to grow. However, with more devices going in and out of the office, there are also more challenges when it comes to connectivity, privacy, security, and management. That’s why Mobile Device Management software has become indispensable at many organizations.

Mobile Device Management (or MDM) is software that enables IT administrators to control, secure, and enforce policies on smartphones, tablets, and other devices being used in the workplace. 

5 Benefits of Having Mobile Device Management at Your Organization

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Preventing Costly Data Breaches

Security is an aspect of business that every company has invested more money in over the past few years. In the same way a system like Swiftlane that can make sure only authorized persons are granted access to the areas of their building, Mobile Device Management can make sure only the correct people are getting into company devices. 

If a device was stolen that contained sensitive company information, Mobile Device Management would allow a company to lock that device and secure it before anyone could breach data. Not only do data breaches cause legal issues regarding compromised customer information, but they can also cost money in lost customers, legal fees, and whatever other processes need to happen in order to make it up to customers and ensure it never happens again. MDM allows companies to avoid all that hassle by securing the devices in the first place.

Achieving Compliance Standards

For your customers’ sake, it’s important to make sure all of your devices and data are secure, but you will also need to be compliant for legal reasons. Whether it’s industry regulations or government policies, there are certain compliances a company must meet to do business professionally. For example, General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) Compliance is a new data privacy law from the EU that levies harsh fines against companies who violate privacy and security standards. Having MDM will make reaching this compliance easier.

Managing Device Inventory

Keeping track of all of a company’s devices isn’t easy without an MDM solution. Mobile Device Management allows your organization to have a full inventory of devices with all of their information from model, serial number and OS version. Not to mention other info like battery capacity, application usage, processor speed, RAM and of course, policy compliance. 

Having all of your devices managed and tracked in one place makes it much easier to answer questions regarding device inventory, especially in a fast-growing company. 

Automated Provisioning and De-Provisioning

Exchanging devices within your company can be a long and time-consuming process. Mobile Device Management, however, allows you to remotely wipe or set up devices in a matter of minutes based on pre-established provisioning settings for your teams. Having those settings in your mobile device solution can save your company hours making sure every device you give an employee has all the correct preferences, software requirements, and application access permissions.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint security refers to the variety of different tactics used to protect your business’ network when accessed by remote devices, so of course, mobile device management is a component of that. As companies embrace BYOD (bring your own device) policies as well, there’s a lot of vulnerability that comes into play. Having an MDM solution allows you to remotely wipe devices that have been stolen, track threats to any device, and remotely access devices and solve issues. 

If your company is a growing small business, a company that allows BYOD, or one that has multiple devices with sensitive information, taking every measure to protect your endpoints is crucial. Using antivirus software and a firewall can certainly help, but MDM is a surefire way to make sure no endpoints are left insecure. 

IT solutions companies, like Electric, can handle your mobile device management as well. Outsourcing the IT tasks of MDM to a company can let you focus on valuable work, while they handle the hassle of device management. 

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