Rhombus Systems Cameras: A Comprehensive Review

Rhombus is a company focused on providing smarter and safer spaces through their cloud-based physical security solutions. In this review, we will cover the different product types they sell and their functionalities at a high level, while maintaining a neutral tone, discussing pros and cons of the system.

Product Overview

Rhombus offers various products in the following categories:

  1. Smart Security Cameras
  2. Connected Sensors
  3. Access Control

Smart Security Cameras

Rhombus has three types of security cameras in their lineup:

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are designed for easy deployment, maintenance, and usability. Some of the key features include:

  • Vandal-resistant and weatherproof design
  • AI analytics for proactive threat identification
  • 10-year warranty

The R120 is the entry-level dome camera, while the R400 is the highest priced camera with more advanced features, such as 4K video and motorized zoom.

Rhombus Dome Cameras

Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye cameras offer a 360° view of the environment with minimal camera presence. The R360 is the only fisheye camera model available, featuring:

  • 12MP image sensor
  • Up to 60 days of on-camera storage
  • Immersive view for real-time dewarping
Rhombus Fisheye Cameras

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are designed for outdoor use and capturing details such as faces and license plates. The R500 is the only bullet camera model available, featuring:

  • 4K video resolution
  • 2.5X optical zoom
  • Vandal-resistant design
Rhombus Bullet Cameras

Connected Sensors

Rhombus offers several sensor options for various use cases:

These sensors can be customized based on your needs and deliver real-time actionable insights with high-resolution video.

Rhombus Access Control

Rhombus Access Control is designed to provide a seamless, intelligent, and user-friendly experience. This section will outline the hardware and benefits of the system, as well as its integration with other Rhombus devices.

Smart, Intuitive Access Control Hardware

Rhombus Access Control offers the following products, each created with durability, reliability, and security in mind:

  • DC20 4-Door Access Control Unit: A cloud-managed access control unit that simplifies installation, remote management, and infinite scalability.
  • DR20 Door Reader: An intelligent door reader with multiple touchless access options, such as physical card, mobile app, remote unlock, and wave-to-unlock.
  • DR40 Video Intercom: A smart video intercom that functions as a doorbell, door reader, and real-time video capture device for access events.

Elevated Access Control for the Modern World

Rhombus Access Control offers a range of benefits designed to streamline access management:

  • Reliable Cloud Management: Centralize management of doors, users, and permissions from anywhere.
  • Remote Door Locking and Unlocking: Control entry, issue guest passes, and more without being onsite.
  • Access Schedules: Set up schedules for employees and automatically lock doors after hours.
  • Lockdown Plans: Implement plans for emergencies, like fires or active shooter situations.
  • Automatic Firmware Updates: Stay up-to-date with security infrastructure and new features at no cost.

Unlock New Insights with Native Video and Audio

Rhombus Access Control integrates with DR40 Video Intercom and Rhombus security cameras, providing valuable context and a complete picture of facility events.

  • Synchronized Video Clips: Automatically pair access events with corresponding security footage.
  • Easy Investigation: Review access events with relevant video.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Receive alerts for denied entry, face mismatch, tailgating, and more.
  • Custom Workflows: Create workflows between access control, cameras, sensors, and alarms.

Rhombus Pros and Cons


  1. Easy deployment and management of security cameras and sensors
  2. Wide range of camera types and sensor options to suit different needs
  3. AI analytics for proactive threat identification
  4. Unified cloud-native platform for managing all aspects of physical security
  5. Access control integration for a seamless security experience


  1. Limited number of camera models available in each category
  2. Pricing for cameras and sensors may be prohibitive for some users
  3. Reliance on cloud connectivity for full functionality

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