Teleportivity Review: QR Code Intercom, Outdoor & AI Solutions

Teleportivity is a globally recognized company that focuses on providing innovative solutions for remote support, communication, and connection. This blog post provides an in-depth review of the company and its product offerings, including QR code intercoms, outdoor intercoms, remote concierge services, and AI-driven solutions. We’ll discuss the applications of these products in different industries, their benefits, trade-offs, and potential drawbacks.

telportivity-7-inch tablet

Company Overview

Teleportivity is a tech innovator that develops cloud-based communication solutions, aiming to enhance human connection within the digital realm. Their solutions are designed to cater to various industries, improving customer experiences and support processes.

Product Lines

Teleportivity offers a diverse range of products, including:

QR Code Intercom

teleportivity qr intercom

The QR Code Intercom system is a revolutionary way to provide video intercom experiences without the need for bulky hardware. With a simple QR code, users can quickly access support and communicate with staff, making it an ideal solution for various settings.

Key Features

  • Easy deployment with a static QR code
  • Video, voice, and text calls
  • Web-browser driven, no app download required
  • Suitable for retrofitting old analog systems
  • IP-based solution for greater flexibility

Outdoor Intercom (FONECOM)

teleportivity-fonecom-10inch intercom

Teleportivity’s FONECOM outdoor intercoms offer commercial and multi-story residential buildings a seamless and connected experience. With no need for hardwiring, cabling, or expensive installation, FONECOM intercoms provide a cost-effective solution to enhance productivity and engagement.

Key Features

  • Full-screen video HD display
  • Compatible with iPhone/Android apps or phone calls
  • AES-256 bit media encryption (peer-to-peer)
  • 2-way video, VoIP, or voice calls
  • Connect to concierge or security
  • IP65 water-resistant and dustproof
  • Various models available, including 10″ IP65 (4G) and 7″ IP65 (PoE)

Remote Concierge Services

Teleportivity offers remote concierge services to help businesses maintain a high level of customer support even with limited on-site staff. By leveraging video deployment technology, organizations can scale their workforce and provide a seamless customer experience.

Key Features

  • Person-to-person concierge support for front desks or greeting points
  • Remote customer assistance and system troubleshooting
  • Unmanned, self-guided support where needed
  • Customizable to meet security needs

AI-Driven Solutions (FONECOM AI)

teleportivity-ai bot

Teleportivity’s FONECOM AI intercom system integrates cutting-edge AI technology to provide an innovative and intelligent intercom solution. With HD video, voice, and text capabilities, this system automates concierge and visitor management processes.

Key Features

  • AI-powered automated concierge and visitor management
  • Integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT
  • HD video, voice, and text capabilities

Applications in Different Industries

Teleportivity’s products can be applied across various industries, including:

  • Commercial: Teleportivity’s solutions can transform commercial sites into fully connected smart buildings, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and engagement.
  • Multi-Story Residential: FONECOM intercoms offer apartment complexes and residential buildings improved connectivity and security.
  • Education: Schools and universities can leverage Teleportivity’s solutions to manage high-traffic areas and provide support during orientation days.
  • Healthcare: Hospitals and clinics can use Teleportivity’s solutions to maintain social distancing, manage risks, and provide remote support to patients and staff.


Teleportivity’s products offer numerous benefits, such as:

  • Improved customer support and satisfaction
  • Enhanced security and visitor management
  • Cost-effective solutions for various industries
  • Scalability and flexibility in deploying staff where required
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Cloud-based solutions for longevity and future-proofing

Trade-offs and Drawbacks

While Teleportivity’s products offer many advantages, there are some trade-offs and potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Reliance on internet connectivity: The effectiveness of Teleportivity’s solutions largely depends on the availability of a stable internet connection. In areas with poor connectivity, the performance of these systems may be compromised.
  • Privacy concerns: Some users may have privacy concerns about sharing their information or having their video calls recorded. Businesses should ensure they have transparent privacy policies in place to address these concerns.
  • Learning curve: Although Teleportivity’s products are designed to be user-friendly, there may be a learning curve for some users, particularly those who are less tech-savvy.

How the QR Code Intercom System Works

The QR code intercom system offers a straightforward and efficient method for communication and support, utilizing QR code technology to replace traditional bulky hardware. By scanning a QR code with a smartphone, users can access the intercom system and engage in video, voice, or text interactions. This section will explain how the QR code intercom system operates and its practical applications.

Scanning the QR Code

To initiate the QR code intercom system, a user simply scans a QR code with their smartphone’s camera or a QR code scanning app. The process does not require any additional applications to be installed, as the intercom system operates through a web browser. This ensures a user-friendly experience that can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

Initiating Communication

Once the QR code is scanned, the user is directed to a web portal where they can choose their preferred mode of communication, such as video, voice, or text chat. The system anonymously connects the user to the designated support personnel or staff member, ensuring a secure and private interaction.

Applications and Usage

The QR code intercom system is versatile and can be used in various settings, including commercial, residential, and institutional environments. It is especially helpful in situations where traditional intercom systems may be impractical or difficult to install due to the lack of infrastructure or cabling. Some potential applications include:

  • Providing secure access to office buildings or residential complexes
  • Facilitating communication between guests and hotel staff
  • Enabling remote assistance for customers in retail stores or other service-oriented businesses
  • Offering virtual reception services in coworking spaces or shared office facilities

Benefits and Trade-offs

The QR code intercom system offers several advantages over traditional intercom solutions:

  1. Ease of installation: The system does not require any wiring or cabling, making it a more cost-effective and straightforward option for both new and retrofit installations.
  2. User-friendly: The web-based interface eliminates the need for users to download and install additional apps, ensuring a seamless and accessible experience.
  3. Scalability: The QR code intercom system can be easily expanded or updated as needed, without the limitations of traditional hardware systems.
  4. Security: The system maintains the user’s anonymity, providing a secure and private communication channel.

However, there are also trade-offs to consider:

  1. Internet connectivity: The QR code intercom system relies on internet connectivity, which may not always be available or stable in certain locations or situations.
  2. Smartphone dependence: Users must have a smartphone with a camera or QR code scanning capability to access the system. This may limit accessibility for those without compatible devices or individuals who are unfamiliar with the technology.
  3. Potential privacy concerns: While the system maintains user anonymity, some users may still have concerns about sharing personal information or engaging in video communication via their smartphone.

In conclusion, the QR code intercom system offers a modern, efficient alternative to traditional intercom solutions. Its ease of use, scalability, and security make it an attractive option for various applications and industries. However, it is essential to consider the trade-offs, including internet connectivity, smartphone dependence, and potential privacy concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Teleportivity ensure the security of its products?

Teleportivity’s solutions come with built-in security features such as AES-256 bit media encryption (peer-to-peer) for video calls. Additionally, the company’s products are fully customizable to meet the specific security needs of businesses.

Can Teleportivity’s solutions be integrated with other systems?

Yes, Teleportivity’s products are designed for easy integration with existing systems. For example, the FONECOM AI intercom system is integrated with OpenAI’s ChatGPT to provide intelligent and automated visitor management.

Are Teleportivity’s products suitable for small businesses?

Teleportivity’s solutions are scalable and can be tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations.

How does the QR code intercom system work?

The QR code intercom system allows users to access video intercom experiences by scanning a static QR code with their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for bulky hardware and provides a more streamlined communication and support experience.

Can I use Teleportivity’s products without an internet connection?

Teleportivity’s products rely on internet connectivity for optimal performance. Some features may be limited or unavailable without a stable internet connection.


Teleportivity is an innovative company that offers a diverse range of products and solutions designed to enhance human connection in the digital realm. With offerings such as QR code intercoms, outdoor intercoms, remote concierge services, and AI-driven solutions, Teleportivity caters to various industries and applications.

While there are some trade-offs and drawbacks to consider, the benefits of Teleportivity’s products are undeniable. Businesses looking to improve customer experiences, enhance security, and streamline support processes should seriously consider incorporating Teleportivity’s solutions into their operations.

By providing a detailed overview of the company and its products, this blog post aims to help readers make informed decisions about whether Teleportivity’s solutions are right for their needs. For further information, visit Teleportivity’s website or contact their customer support team.

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