Tyco Software House Access Control System Review, Pricing and Comparison

About Software House by Tyco

Software House is an access control and security platform created by Tyco International, the 60-year-old provider of security systems and products. Tyco merged with Johnson Controls to form Johnsons Controls International PLC in 2016. The electronics giant manufactures a plethora of security products including CCTV and access control solutions, EAS and RFID products, circuit protection devices, fire alarms and firefighting equipment, PPE, industrial safety and security systems, and more. 

Some of the notable safety and security brands Tyco has owned in the past or still holds include Tyco Integrated Security, American Dynamics, Kantech, CEM Systems, ADT, DSC, Simplex, and Sensomatic.

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Product Overview of Software House C-CURE 9000 Access Control System

Software House’s  C-CURE is one of the industry’s most comprehensive access control and security platforms. It is used by more than 170 of the Fortune 500 companies to manage access control as well as many other mainstream security systems such as video surveillance, intrusion and fire alarms, visitor management, and more. The system’s biggest strength is its seamless integration with popular business software such as Microsoft Outlook, SQL Server, Oracle 10g, and other IT tools. C-CURE 9000, the latest version of Software House’s access control and event management solution, can integrate with over 300 third-party business and security technologies.

Features of Software House Access Control

Network-Based System: C-CURE is a network based system that is installed on the company server. It is not a cloud-based system, but can connect with other systems and devices over private WAN.

C-CURE 9000 Site Server controls a single location while the Enterprise version can connect and supports multiple sites.

Authentication Methods: Cards and badges are the basic identification method. The credentials can be produced using C-CURE ID Badging Solutions.

Video Monitoring: Software House supports Tyco’s own cameras as well as major 3rd Party brands like Axis, Arecont, Panasonic, Sony, Dahua, and Hikvision.

Unified Card Management: The system allows the use of single credential for multiple facilities and centralized management of badges and cards.

C-CURE Go is a fully-featured access control app for iOS and Android devices. It works with Go Reader and allows users to:

  • Lock and unlock doors with the touch of a button
  • Add or remove authorizations and deactivate cards on the go
  • Navigate C-CURE 9000 to specific dates and times for forensic investigation using mobile
  • Connects with C-CURE 9000 over secure WiFi and GSM networks to provide remote unlock from anywhere

C-CURE 9000 Version 2.90, which is the latest Version, offers an exhaustive array of features including:

  • Access via cards and mobile
  • Guard tours
  • Visitor management
  • Video verification of access events
  • Intrusion and fire detection and alerts
  • Alarm event monitoring
  • Video wall support
  • Intercom/mass notification
  • Facility maps/ floor plan controls interface
  • Custom report creation and exporting to systems like payroll


The price of Software House Access Control can range from ~$400 to $1500 per door, depending on the size of the facility and the security feature the client wants to incorporate. The price increases sharply as the total number of openings decreases. The system is more competitively priced for larger organizations with hundreds of doors operating across different territories and regions. The training and maintenance cost is around 25% of the initial system price.

Pros of Software House Access Control

  • Comprehensive security system — C-CURE is as extensive as access control can get
  • Multi-site single dashboard support for card management
  • Works with common IT systems, area maps, and tons of security and management tools
  • Remote mobile app unlock, on-the-go permission management and event viewing

Cons of Software House Access Control

  • Requires an on-site team to manage permissions and credentials.
  • Cards or badges need to be mailed to users.
  • Hardware proprietary system does not support 3rd party controllers
  • Without cloud support, there is higher risk of data loss or server crash
  • Separate reader for mobile app unlock
  • Extensive set up and maintenance
  • Additional training and maintenance expenses
  • Reliant on cards and badges as the only methods of identification
  • No mobile proximity unlock available
  • No face recognition support available
  • Technical support catered towards larger installs
  • Proprietary hardware can restrict clients from upgrading to new technology

Is Software House Access Control Right for Your Needs?

C-CURE is ideal for bigger clients with high and diversified security needs. Most Software House users have their own IT departments and manned security operations, which are able to accommodate system training and maintenance.

The system is suitable for national and global enterprises that need to control and secure hundreds of doors across geographically distant buildings. However, with most companies shifting their business to the cloud, legacy host-bound solutions like Software House may not be the first choice for modern and futuristic enterprises.

Comparison of Software House With Swiftlane Touchless Access Control

Swiftlane is a modern, award-winning access control system created by a Silicon Valley based tech company. It’s a newer system driven by latest technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and IoT. 

Software House

  • On-premise access control software
  • Card based system
  • Mobile unlock available with Go Reader only
  • Requires proprietary hardware
  • Integrated large-scale video monitoring
  • Announcements and alerts through audio-only/video intercom system
  • Extensive manned security features including video wall, area monitoring, intercom, events and alarms, visitor management, and more


  • Super fast user enrollment and removal from anywhere through browser and mobile app interfaces
  • Availability of built-in mobile app, mobile proximity, and face recognition unlock
  • Remote capabilities for creating or managing credentials
  • No on-site security staff required
  • Automatic access scheduling for cleaning and delivery personnel
  • Communicate with visitors from anywhere and grant remote access with the built-in video intercom system
  • Built-in COVID-safety, health checking, and capacity-planning tools
  • Simple system that doesn’t require expensive training, maintenance or integrations
  • A fully managed backend


Tyco is a security behemoth with 60 years in the industry and thousands of clients. It’s access control system joins all essential elements of security that businesses needed yesterday. But the security requirements have changed in today’s cloud-driven, AI enabled, COVID-19-stricken world. Swiftlane offers a progressive, cloud-based system offering flexibility, accessibility, and interoperability.

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