Video Intercom Systems with Door Release

If you’re looking to buy a video intercom system with door release and are looking to conduct more research and compare alternatives before buying, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we talk about the best video intercom systems that can be used to unlock doors remotely. We’ll also take a deep dive at the features that make them the best, evaluate their pros and cons, and compare their pricing. Let’s jump right in!

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Top Video Intercom Systems with Door Release

When it comes to selecting the best video intercom system with door release, a lot depends on the building or facility where the system will be installed. A system that is ideal for single family homes may not be suitable for multifamily apartment buildings. Therefore, we have categorized the systems based on the use cases.

For apartment buildings and condo communities

  • Swiftlane
  • Alphatouch
  • Latch
  • Aiphone Wired Intercom
  • 2N Video Intercom
  • Liftmaster Video Intercom

For 2-4 Unit Apartments

  • Aiphone
  • Siedle
  • Doorbird

For Single Family Homes

  • Aiphone
  • Amocam
  • Grandstream

What is a Video Intercom System with Door Release?

A video intercom system with door release is a security system that allows you to see and communicate with someone at your door before opening it. The door release part of the system allows you to remotely unlock the door for the person, so they can enter. This can be a useful security measure if you are expecting someone, such as a package delivery, but it can also be used to deter burglars or other unwanted visitors. This type of system is increasingly common in both residential and commercial buildings as a way to improve security.

Best Video Intercoms with Door Release for Apartments and Condos

Multifamily residential buildings and condo communities have special needs that not every video intercom system can fulfill. For example, your video door phone should be able to call multiple numbers in each apartment unit, including landline and mobile phones. It must be a reliable system with multiple access control options, just to ensure that residents can always unlock the door from anywhere and are never locked out of the building themselves. Here are five systems that merit your consideration.

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Swiftlane System Overview

Swiftlane, a Silicon Valley tech company, offers an advanced hybrid video intercom system, packaged together with mobile, keycard and facial recognition access control. Swiftlane video intercom and access control system features cloud-connected multi-technology readers with integrated smart video intercom. Visitors can use the Swiftreader or Swiftreader X to call apartment PBX numbers, regular landlines, mobile numbers, and smartphones running the Swiftlane app. You can easily update residents directory settings and manage access permissions from anywhere using cloud-based browser and mobile app dashboards.

Swiftlane SwiftReader X Video Intercom and Access Overview

Door Release Mechanism: You can unlock the door remotely by pressing the door release button on your mobile app or by pressing ‘9’ on your mobile or PBX phone. The system can operate via fixed Ethernet lines as well as wirelessly through VoIP technology. 

Key Features

  • Two-way video and audio calling
  • SIP based mobile and landline calling
  • Real time entry video monitoring and cloud video recording
  • Door release via mobile app, browser and regular (dumb) phones
  • Issue temporary visitor PIN codes 
  • Face-, mobile-, PIN- and card-based access


  • All in one video intercom and access control system
  • Multiple remote unlocking and access methods
  • Easy scalability to multiple buildings and locations
  • Facial recognition based door unlock
  • Beautiful plug-n-play readers with easy installation


  • Young company with a small client base (compared to established players)
  • Integration with external cameras is still awaited

How to buy it?

Swiftlane offers customized pricing based on the options and features you buy. Click here to  request a quote or schedule a demo


AlphaTouch offers a PoE based IP video intercom system with 7.0” touchscreen entry stations. The system can accommodate any size building with any number of doors, monitors and remote cameras. Building occupants can receive visitor video calls and can unlock the door using the AlphaTouch mobile app. 

alphatouch video intercom system with door release
AlphaTouch Intercom- Source:AlphaTouch

Key Features

  • 7.0” touchscreen video entry panels with touchscreen directory
  • SIP enabled. You can receive and transfer video calls via mobile app and phone.
  • Issue temporary QR codes for automatic visitor access
  • Access control via keycards (optional) and mobile app
  • Door release via smartphone app and landline phone
  • Centralized management through cloud interface

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  • Reliable and user friendly
  • Easy installation
  • One year cloud storage of entry photos


  • Door release is only available through the AlphaTouch mobile app, not via regular phones
  • You cannot create QR codes from within the AlphaTouch app, only from the AlphaTouch entry station

How to buy it?

Click here to review AlphaTouch pricing and contact the manufacturer.  

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Latch Video Intercom

Latch positions itself as a full-building security and intercom system with entry panels for main entrances and smart locks for individual apartment units. The minimalist entry panels also include an audio intercom and can connect audio calls to any US phone number as well as smartphones running the Latch App. An external video camera needs to be integrated in order to enable video calling capability.

Latch Video Intercom
Latch Intercom- Source:Latch

Key Features

  • Minimalist entry panel with tactile calling buttons
  • SIP based calling to US mobile and landline numbers
  • Audio and video calling via the Latch mobile app
  • Remote unlocking via mobile app and regular phone
  • Ethernet, WiFi and LTE connectivity
  • Centralized management through the cloud-based LatchOS


  • Intuitive entry panels with tactile buttons and on-screen directory
  • Full building entry and security solution
  • Multiple entry methods including passcodes, mobile app and physical keys
  • Add on tools for visitor access, deliveries, and energy saving


  • External video camera required for video intercom functionality
  • Requires a two-year service agreement

How to buy it?

Click here to contact Latch sales and request a quote.

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Aiphone Wired Intercom

Aiphone IXG Series offers PoE based wired entry stations and tenant stations suitable for multi-tenant apartment communities and commercial buildings. The extensive system can accommodate upto 9,999 devices including physical stations, gateways and lift control adapters. The 7” entry station has a touchscreen interface and can place voice and video calls to indoor tenant stations and smartphones running the Aiphone mobile app.

Aiphone Wired Intercom
Aiphone Intercom- Source: Aiphone

Key Features

  • Touchscreen entry panel with on-screen directory
  • Door release from tenant station and mobile app
  • Built-in HID card reader
  • Compatible with Aiphone IX series devices
  • Remote programming via the Windows based IXG Support Tool


  • Two-way video calling 
  • Simple to install and manage
  • Can support a large number of devices


  • Temporary visitor access not available
  • Need to buy additional hardware to enable remote door release
  • Need to install in-unit hardware (monitors)
  • Entry station can only 720p SD video

How to buy it?

Aiphone video intercom and related products can be purchased through the Aiphone dealer network.

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2N IP Video Intercom

Hailing from Prague, 2N is a global leader in IP access control and video intercom products. Its flagship intercom systems include the 2N IP Verso and the 2N IP Style. Both are suitable for apartment buildings, condo communities and other multi tenant applications. The older Verso  is a modular system with fingerprint and mobile access control options as well as a camera and microphone for two-way audio and one-way video calling. The latest Style has an expansive 10” touchscreen entrance panel that provides two-way full-hd video calling and mobile-based wave unlock.

commercial intercom system with door release
2N Intercom- Source: 2N

2N Key Features

  • Choice of multiple access control methods
  • Remote cloud-based system management
  • SIP enabled for calling landlines and mobile numbers
  • Certified water- and vandal- resistant entrance stations
  • Remote door release via tenant stations, phone and mobile app


  • Can email visitor snapshots captured when making the call
  • Support for communicating with the hearing impaired
  • Built-in night vision camera
  • IP65 and IK08 certified


  • The 2N Verso’s modular system can be hard to assemble 
  • PIN entry for guests is only available if you replace the card reader with PIN reader
  • Bluetooth nearby and remote mobile access require additional per user fees
  • Manual software updates

How to buy it?

You can buy 2N video intercom from the Company’s authorized distributors. Click here to contact the manufacturer.

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Liftmaster Smart Video Intercom

The famous garage door and heavy duty commercial gate opener brand Liftmaster offers the CAPXM and CAPXLV smart video intercom systems for multi-tenant apartment buildings. The CAPXM has a 7” entrance station whereas the CAPXLV has a 10” panel. Both have an integrated video camera that can stream video footage to the myQ Community mobile app. Residents can watch the video of the person at the main door or gate and grant remote unlock from within the mobile app.

commercial video intercom system with door release
Liftmaster Intercom- Source: Liftmaster

Key Features

  • WiFi, cellular, DSL and wired connectivity options
  • Send virtual guest passes through the myQ Community app
  • Remote programming through the myQ web app
  • Access control options include LiftMaster RFID readers and proxcard reader
  • Each entrance station can control up to 2 (CAPXM) or 4 (CAPXLV) doors or gates


  • A good solution for perimeter access
  • Primarily built for community gates and main doors
  • Integrates with existing LiftMaster hardware


  • No SIP calling, can only place call via mobile app
  • Entry panel can only control 2/4 doors or gates
  • No integrated mobile access

How to buy it?

LiftMaster video intercoms and other products can be bought from LiftMaster dealers near you.

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Video Intercom Systems with Door Release For 2-4 Unit Apartments

Video intercom systems are critical to provide security and convenience at 2-4 unit apartment buildings, sometimes also called duplex, triplex or fourplex. Simplicity, affordability and reliability are among the core requirements video intercom systems are expected to meet at such buildings. We have shortlisted the following system for use at 2-4 unit apartments.


The Aiphone IXG Series video intercom discussed above is among our top picks for 2-4 apartments because of its freakish reliability that the Japanese manufacturer claims. In addition, the JO Series video intercom is another Aiphone product that’s just perfect for duplexes or 2-unit apartments. Both systems can place visitor video calls to indoor monitors and to smartphones running the Aiphone app. Door release is available from the monitor and mobile app interface.

Aiphone IXG Series video intercom
Aiphone Intercom- Source: Aiphone

Key Features (JO Series)

  • Supports up to 2 doors, 2 monitors and 8 mobile devices
  • Onboard expandable memory for call storage
  • 7” monitor screens for easy visitor identification
  • One-way video and two-way audio calling
  • Unlock the door remotely from indoor monitors and mobile app


  • Quick and easy to install
  • High-quality door stations
  • Mobile app door release


  • No SIP calling to PBX and mobile phones
  • Regular mobile (dumb phone) and landline door release not available
  • Temporary visitor access not available


Siedle is an established player in the building entry intercom segment. It manufactures a wide range of audio and video intercom systems, including an IP video intercom that connects your legacy audio intercom from 1952 onwards with your smartphone via Siedle IQ gateway.  In addition, Siedle offers video and audio intercom sets, a variety of entry stations, indoor stations, apps, interfaces, and more.

 IP video intercom
Siedle Intercom- Source: Siedle

Key Features

  • Receive video calls on indoor monitors as well as your smartphone
  • Mobile door release via the Siedle app
  • Can mount on top of your legacy two-wire intercom system
  • Modular door stations with fingerprint, card and electronic key reader
  • Suitable for single-family units


  • Easy to install and use
  • Great audio and video quality
  • Variety of access control methods


  • No directory feature
  • No SIP calling
  • Outdated interfacing
  • No cloud-based management
  • No programmable visitor access

How to buy it?

You can buy Siedle video intercoms and other products from Siedle dealers in your country.

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Doorbird is a modern IP doorbell that notifies your smartphone when a visitor presses the doorbell button. You can then take video calls via your smartphone and speak to visitors from anywhere in the world. The door stations have a variety of form factors to suit different types of applications. All door stations come with HD video cameras with 180°wide-eye hemispheric lensem 4D motion sensor, RFID, and infrared night vision. The system can be operated via PoE or wirelessly via WiFi. It is SIP enabled and IP65 certified.

video intercom with door release
Doorbird Intercom

Key Features

  • Option to select door station with 1 to 6 call buttons, depending on the size of building
  • Choice of wired PoE and wireless WiFi models
  • IP video indoor stations with more than 50 ringtones
  • Can connect with up to 8 mobile devices
  • Door release from video indoor stations and mobile app (add-on module required)


  • Simple installation on your existing doorbell wiring
  • Can operate via WiFi
  • Ultra wide-angle entry video
  • Free cloud recording of single images
  • Compatible with a range of smart home technologies 


  • No built-in door release (available for extra price)
  • SIP available for extra price
  • No built-in SIP functionality

How to buy it?

You can visit the manufacturer’s website, select the products you need, and buy them from DoorBird’s authorized dealers serving your country.

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Video Intercom Systems with Door Release for Single Family Homes

A home video intercom system with door release  secures your main entrance and allows occupants to see and communicate with visitors before opening the door. It can help to keep out unwanted guests and grant access to people you want to admit into your home. Affordability, dependability and the capability to take calls even when you are not home, are just some of the factors to consider when buying a home video intercom system. Here are our top picks for the single family segment:


Video Intercom Systems with Door Release
Aiphone Intercom

The Aiphone JO series video intercom system is a great choice if you’re looking to buy a home video intercom system. The Aiphone home video intercom might be out of stock on Amazon but you can buy it for around $750 from Security Wholesalers and other online retailers. Please refer to the Aiphone section above for more details.


If you need something more affordable than the Aiphone JO video intercom, you can buy an inexpensive Amocam home video doorbell for a fraction of the JO series price. Amocam’s wired technology, though it might be a small hassle to install, works like a charm when it comes to voice and video quality. 

Aiphone JO video intercom
AmoCam Intercom

Features Overview

  • Take video calls on 7” fixed indoor monitor
  • Door release button is provided on indoor monitor
  • IR night vision camera
  • No mobile app functionality. You have to be inside the house to take calls and release the door

Where to buy Amocam

Amocam Amazon Store

Grandstream IP Video Intercom Door System

If Amocam is a bit too basic for your home needs, you can always go for the Grandstream video intercom system. This system will give you connectivity with mobile phones and landlines, along with two-way audio, one-way video, remote unlocking, and call recording features for a price as low as $350 or so. The Grandstream door station uses VoIP to stream 1080p video to indoor stations, NVRs, IP phones, and smartphones simultaneously. 

Grandstream IP Video Intercom Door System
Grandstream Intercom

Features Overview

  • SIP video streaming
  • Relays for alarm and door release
  • Option to install RFID card reader for keyless entry
  • PoE enabled
  • Hemispheric camera for wall-to-wall coverage

Where to buy

Contact Grandstream sales to buy their video intercom devices.

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