Akuvox Intercom: Review, Pricing and Comparison

In this review, you’ll get an in-depth look at Akuvox SmartPlus Intercom, including key features, pricing and a side-by-side comparison with important components to consider when looking for a video intercom system.

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Akuvox Intercom Features

  • Installs on Ethernet cable as well as wirelessly via Android
  • Two way video calling via indoor monitor, video phone, and mobile 
  • Doorphone features facial recognition, NFC, Bluetooth, PIN, and RFID based access control
  • Smartphone-based unlock via SmartPlus mobile app and Bluetooth
  • Standard phone call unlock
  • Cloud-based, single-dashboard multi-site access management
  • Wiegand port for backward integration
  • Time-limited QR codes and guest PINs

Akuvox Intercom Pricing

Akuvox SmartPlus Intercom price is not publicly available on the Company’s website. Customers need to contact Akuvox for a customized pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Akuvox Intercom Review


  • Integrated with smart home technology like security systems and home automation solutions
  • Supports standard phone calls for residents without smartphones
  • Variety of access methods
  • Centralized multi-site management


  • iPhone users report that the mobile app displays a blank screen all too often
  • The quality of audio and video as well as facial recognition features is not validated
  • The Chinese manufacturer lacks a proper customer service infrastructure in America

Akuvox vs. Swiftlane Intercom

Based in China, Akuvox products range from doorphones, indoor monitors, access control touchpads, Android video phones, and their smartphone app. 

Akuvox SmartPlus is a modern and user-friendly video intercom system designed to singularly replace outdated two-wire intercom systems and RF based access control systems.

To navigate which system will be right for your video intercom needs, we have reviewed their system and compared it to Swiftlane Video Intercom for a comprehensive look at all the industry offerings.

Akuvox SmartPlus IntercomSwiftlane Video Intercom
ConnectivityWireless; ethernetWireless; ethernet
ProgrammingCloud-basedCloud-based management
Outdoor HardwareContactless readerSwiftReader
Incoming CallsStandard phone call or smartphone with SmartPlus AppAny device with Swiftlane app
Directory TouchscreenOn-screen via Swiftlane app
Access ControlCard, mobile, proximity, and facial recognitionBuilt-in mobile and face recognition credentials
Door RelayMobile app and phone callRemote via Swiftlane app
VideoTwo-way video callingTwo-way video calling
Temporary AccessPIN codes and QR codesTemporary digital PIN codes available

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