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Infinity 2 Face Recognition Terminal

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Overview of FaceSec’s Identity Authentication System

FaceSec offers an identity authentication system that aims to be compatible with previous biometric technologies and supports a variety of card payment terminals. This approach is designed to help customers using existing card payment terminals avoid the financial pressure of upgrading their technology while addressing the needs of different industries and the general public.

Examining Infinity 2: FaceSec’s Biometric Terminal


Technical Specifications and Build

The Infinity 2 is the second-generation product in FaceSec’s Infinity series. It is equipped with a new generation of core motherboards and utilizes Qualcomm AI chips, which are intended to enhance business processing capabilities. The 8-inch flagship model features an ultra-thin body made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy and CNC precision craftsmanship. It also supports several expansion modules to accommodate various functional requirements.

Color Options for the Terminal

Unlike conventional facial recognition terminals, Infinity 2 is available in four color options: dark gun metal grey, light gun metal grey, gold, and silver.

Expansion Modules

Infinity 2 offers expansion modules for temperature measurement, fingerprint, and card swiping to cater to different scenarios. These modules can be added or removed as needed, providing users with a level of customization and flexibility.

Temperature Measurement Feature

FaceSec’s temperature measurement technology is certified by the American ASTM standard and claims an accuracy of ± 0.2 °C, with a measurement range of up to 150cm.

Multi-Factor Authentication Options

The Infinity 2 series supports various authentication methods, including face, fingerprint, IC card, QR code, password, and Bluetooth, to accommodate identity authentication needs in different scenarios.

Terminal Mounting Options

Infinity 2 can be paired with FaceSec’s aviation-grade aluminum alloy precision bracket, which allows users to switch between wall-mounted, vertical, desktop, and gantry forms.

Enterprise Access Control Security Solutions

FaceSec biometric devices are designed to provide enhanced security solutions for enterprise access control. The smart terminals come with dual live detection algorithms that are intended to improve facial recognition security. In addition to traditional interfaces, FaceSec also supports QR Code and Bluetooth verification methods.

Multi-Mode Authentication

FaceSec’s devices support multiple authentication methods, such as face, fingerprint, IC card, QR code, password, and Bluetooth, in 1:1, 1:N, and N:N mixed mode verification to meet the needs of different scenarios.

API Integration Options

FaceSec can be integrated with existing security systems through ODSL, SDK, CMP API, and WEB API, providing AI features like face recognition.

Flexible Deployment

FaceSec devices can be deployed according to various needs and scenarios. Equipment can be expanded or reduced at any time, without compromising system security.

Local and Cloud Modes

FaceSec products support both local and cloud modes. Through cloud mode and FaceSec Cloud access control authorization management, local security systems can be upgraded to cloud security systems.

Integrated Management Platform

FaceSec cloud offers management functions for diverse scenarios, such as corporate offices, businesses, production, and warehousing. The platform provides a one-stop security service that covers equipment, installation, and software integration.

Company History and Global Expansion

FaceSec was founded in 2010 with the establishment of the Institute of Computer Vision. The company released its first-generation facial recognition smart terminal in 2016. FaceSec has since expanded its global presence by entering the Japanese market in 2019, establishing an R&D center in Singapore, and launching AI solutions in Taiwan and North America.

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