Door Entry Intercom Designed for Security

Modern visitor access designed with convenience and security in mind.

  • Package management solution
  • Comprehensive common area security
  • Secure deliveries
  • Privacy-first access
Swiftlane package and delivery management

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Solutions for Every Building

Swiftlane Video Intercom offers a convenient, privacy-first solution for offices, apartments, and condos.

Multifamily Buildings

Read about Swiftlane’s video intercom solution for mid- to high-rise residential buildings, apartment complexes, and multifamily communities.

Office and Enterprise Buildings

Read about Swiftlane’s video intercom solution for office, enterprise, and commercial buildings.

How Swiftlane Works

swiftlane touchless access control for commercial real estate

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Features Designed for Security

  • High-Quality Video Calling

    Reliable, 1080p HD video calling. High-quality video offers better security and verification.

  • Temporary Visitor Access

    Assign unique six-digit single-use or multi-use PINs for visitors or deliveries. Easily revoke PINs immediately.

  • Remote Door Unlock

    Use the Swiftlane mobile app, browser window or traditional telephone (by pressing the #9) to unlock doors and remotely grant access to visitors.

  • Integrated Access Control

    Reliable mobile access allows users to open doors with just a click on a smartphone. Option to upgrade to face recognition access.

  • Centralized, Remote Building Management

    Scale security by centrally managing multiple buildings from a single cloud-based dashboard. Add multiple admins to create a virtual front desk that can be managed from anywhere.

  • Real-Time Security Monitoring

    View door access events in real-time or access event history logs via cloud-based dashboard. Prevent unauthorized access with a visual audit trail and tailgating alerts.

  • Easily Manage Permissions

    Remotely change, grant or revoke access permissions from Swiftlane app or web-based dashboard.

  • Versatile, Modern Hardware

    SwiftReader is compact and easily mountable with a 7.75″ design with robust metal enclosure in matte, dark gray finish. The hardware is IK07 rated for impact protection. Sunshade enclosure also available.

  • Easy Install, Simple Onboarding, and Automatic Updates

    Swiftlane is U.S. based and sold through local installers who provide installation and ongoing support. Automatic software updates eliminate constant need for expensive maintenance.

Two-Way Video Intercom


Video Intercom Calling

Receive incoming video intercom calls from Swiftlane app to securely grant access to visitors after visual ID. 


Remote Unlock with Door Release

Remotely grant access to visitors from your home or when you are away. 


One-Way Video Option

Select the one-way video intercom option available during call pickup to keep yourself off camera but still visually ID your visitor before granting access. 

Swiftlane video intercom

Temporary Visitor Access


Single-Use PIN Codes for Secure Delivery

Remotely generate unique, single-use PIN codes for one-time users such as deliveries. PIN codes, as opposed to QR codes, can be shared in special delivery instructions or over the phone. Single-use PIN codes are able to grant access for 5 minutes upon first use. 


Multi-Use PIN Codes for Visitors

Remotely generate unique, multi-use PIN codes for visitors who need temporary access, such as family members, friends, dog walkers, house cleaners, etc. Grant visitor access via PIN anytime or schedule specific times when the PIN can be used. 


User-Generated PINs

Tenants create their own custom PINs to send to their users in order to alleviate the burden on property management staff. 

Property Management Solutions


Virtual Front Desk

Configure a front desk intercom to receive calls via: 

  • Computer via browser with sound and notifications
  • iPad or Android tablet
  • Video call on the phone
  • Regular telephone call (press 9 to unlock)

Program multiple admins or multiple building devices and never miss a delivery, visitor or vendor.


Intuitive, Simple Admin Onboarding

  • No technical training required to use and operate admin dashboard
  • Achieve system proficiency in 10 minutes or less
  • Simple and intuitive admin management that does not require property managers, owners, or landlords to be physically present at the property

Audit Trailing with High Security

  • Access event history logs for detailed audit management
  • View access events in real-time for the highest level of security and transparency. 

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PDF: SwiftReader X Video Intercom Overview

Access a PDF overview of SwiftReader X from Swiftlane. A modern upgrade to apartment and condo building entrances. Get a complete overview of the features of Swiftlane’s Video Intercom solution.