Linear Intercom: Review, Pricing and Comparison

In this review, you’ll get an in-depth look at Linear Intercom, including key features, pricing and a side-by-side comparison with important components to consider when looking for a video intercom system. 

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Linear Intercom Key Features

  • Two-way voice calling. Residents can answer visitors’ calls from their phone and unlock the door or open the gate by pressing 9.
  • Installs on regular telephone lines
  • Can support from 2 doors to up to 64 doors or more 
  • Compatible with commonly used long-range readers and VoIP adapters

Linear Intercom Price

Linear EP-402 Entry Pro: ~$1299

Linear EP-436 Entry Pro: ~$2499

Linear EP-736 Entry Pro: ~$3816

EP-EXN Expansion Node: ~$660

Linear Intercom Review


  • Does not require an additional PC or software to install
  • High-Bright display options for direct sunlight applications
  • Custom reports and quick-searches available to manage residential accounts, guests and personnel access


  • Lack of integration options
  • Need to have landlines installed in the whole building for connection

Linear vs. Swiftlane Intercom

Linear Pro is a part of the GTO family, which has been providing door operators, garage openers, and access control systems since 1961. The Company’s flagship Linear Entry Pro Telephone Entry System is basically an audio-only intercom system with the option to add a video camera. The system works with a large range of controllers, peripherals, credentials, and accessories. 

Linear Intercom is a reliable solution for residential buildings that have telephone lines already installed in them. This is a simple and intuitive solution for basic visitor management needs, although it has its limitations based on the outdated technology that’s acting as its foundation.

Alternatively, cloud-based systems have their benefits such as administrative flexibility, remote capabilities, integration options, and more.

To navigate which system will be right for your video intercom needs, we have reviewed their system and compared it to Swiftlane Video Intercom for a comprehensive look at all the industry offerings.

Linear Intercom Swiftlane Video Intercom
ConnectivityTelephone linesWireless; ethernet
ProgrammingPreprogrammedCloud-based management
Outdoor HardwareDoor station with buttons and navigation SwiftReader
Incoming CallsTelephoneAny device with Swiftlane app
Directory LCD display with navigationOn-screen via Swiftlane app
Access ControlOptional internally mounted RFID readerBuilt-in mobile and face recognition credentials
Door RelayPress 9 on telephoneRemote via Swiftlane app
VideoNot availableTwo-way video calling
Temporary AccessNot availableTemporary digital pin codes available

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