Comelit Intercom: Review, Pricing and Comparison

In this review, you’ll get a deeper look at Comelit Intercom systems, including key features, pricing, and a side-by-side comparison with important components to consider when looking for a video intercom system. 

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Comelit 2-Wire Video Intercom System

Comelit 2-Wire Video Intercom System allows residents to see, hear and speak with visitors and with each other by using hands free interior video monitors or via the Comelit mobile app. The system can handle up to 4 door stations and 4 interior monitors.

Key Features

  • 600TVL 98-degree fisheye camera 
  • Can support up to 15 smart devices
  • Allows residents to receive as well as make video calls to monitors using Comelit App
  • Can support 2 external cameras


Comelit HFX700M  Color Hands Free Video Intercom Kit: ~$306

Comelit EX-700H Color EXPSN Intercom Sub Station: ~$196

Comelit IP Video Intercom System

Comelit 8561IV is an IP-based solution that can accommodate multiple connection devices and an unlimited number of users. The system comes with a modular door station that can support up to 15 interior monitors as well as mobile app calling through Comelit App.

Key Features

  • 3.6mm 700TVL (SD) camera with an FOV of 110 degrees
  • Can handle an unlimited number of doors
  • Supports up to 15 monitors and 15 smart devices
  • Video calling and door release via mobile and interior monitors
  • Option to choose from multiple interior monitors
  • Works with Amazon Alexa smart home automation 


Comelit 8561IV IKALL Intercom Kit with Mini HF WiFi VIP Monitor: ~$700 plus ~$594 additional cost 

Comelit Intercom Review


  • Comelit 2-Wire Video Intercom supports internal calling; make calls to other video stations with the Comelit App
  • Easy installation on regular power supply 


  • SD cameras are becoming obsolete because of the availability of low-cost HD cameras
  • Poor reviews sited for the Comelit App for its ability to perform basic functions
  • Can only support up to 15 smart devices, which is restrictive for medium to large operations
  • Software, directory and setting updates need to be done from PC software or locally on the module. When using the PC software to update the system, the information needs to be transferred manually via USB or RS485, as opposed to the cloud which can be done instantaneously and automatically.

Comelit Intercom vs. Swiftlane Video Intercom

Comelit intercom offers two applications of video intercom systems, both wired and IP-based. The Comelit Intercom System offers flexibility with both offerings, however they are limited with programming with PC software.

To navigate which system will be right for your video intercom needs, we have reviewed the Comelit Intercom System and compared it to Swiftlane Video Intercom for a comprehensive look at all the industry offerings.

Comelit 2-Wire Video IntercomComelit IP Video IntercomSwiftlane Video Intercom 
ConnectivityTwisted cableWireless; ethernetWireless; ethernet
ProgrammingPC softwarePC softwareCloud-based management
Outdoor HardwareVideo door station with call buttonIP Video door station with buttonsSwiftReader
Incoming CallsIndoor monitor Indoor monitor and Comelit mobile appAny device with Swiftlane app
Directory Digital displayDigital displayOn-screen via Swiftlane app
Access ControlVideo intercom onlyVideo intercom and add-on face recognitionBuilt-in mobile and face recognition credentials
Door RelayIndoor monitorIndoor monitor or Mobile AppRemote via Swiftlane app
VideoIndoor monitorIndoor monitor or Mobile AppTwo-way video calling
Temporary AccessNot availableNot availableTemporary digital pin codes available

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